The Library of Magic Book 2 A novel

Roy, Delia, and Anna, the seer, are at Ryder Keep with Drake...and the dragon. When the evil Sorceress finds out Roy is back home, she uses a group of dark orcs to capture the elf.

The first sequel to The Library of Magic.


3. The Library of Magic Book 2-Part Three


The Sorceress glided towards the mirror.

She wore a purple gown, and black boots on her small feet. 

There was a knock on the Iron Doors.

"ENTER!", she yelled.

A dark goblin bowed at her.

"Your majesty, it's an honour...". 

"I'm not a Queen, Rowan; I'm a Sorceress".

"My apologies...".

"...Get to the point".

"The elf, Ray, is at Ryder Keep. He isn't dead".

"And how can he be allowed to live?".

"We don't know, Sorceress".

"I suggest you tell me the next time that you have better news. Now, go away!". The dark goblin bowed. Then he opened the door, and left her alone.


The Dragon Tail Tavern was busy with all kinds of people. Amos Freeman warmed his cold hands by the fireplace. Catriona Blessed smiled at him. "I'm glad you're back", she said. The elf grinned. "It's because of you that I never left", he said. "That's nice of you", she said. Amos gave her ten gold coins. "That's for meals, and for overnight", Amos told her. She took the gold coins. "What do you like to eat?", she asked him. "A mushroom pie, and vegetables", Amos answered her. She nodded. Suddenly there were a group of dwarfs watching him. "Amos Freeman, the elf of the Lights", Christian Moore Tole said. Amos smiled at the small dwarf. "Aye, that is he". He focused his attention on the five dwarfs who were sleeping in their chairs by the fireplace. "I hear you saw the Sorceress", Christian didn't smile. "The Sorceress is evil. She wants to control all of the lands". "Aye, and Prince Caine has been seen working for her". Amos gasped at the news. "The Prince. He wouldn't...". Christian shook his head. "He wants to be the elven King, once the King dies". Amos digested the dwarf's news. "Queen Eleanora will be heart broken when she sees her son is a traitor to the elven Kingdom". Christian waved at an elven girl with his tiny, right, hand. "Some stew, and herb bread, please Jaqueline". She nodded. She had long, black hair, hazel eyes, and small. She was wearing a green apron, grey breeches, and red boots on her small feet. Her pointy ears were attuned to the voices of the tavern regulars; her face was young. "It shall not be too long". As Jacqueline walked through the Iron Doors of the spacious kitchen, Amos looked at her. "Is she new here?", he asked Christian. He laughed. "Aye, she's my fourteen year old daughter. She needed a job. And the pay is good". Amos nodded. "And your wife....?", he asked him. "Susie is working at home making quilts", Christian said. Amos smiled at him. Then, as their meals arrived, they ate slowly just as the weather became warmer than the previous evening.


It was a cool afternoon. 

The Sorceress stopped staring at the mirror. She walked towards The Arched Halls of Thine. Two goblin guards were at attention. They had pointed ears, and stood as tall as the dwarfs, and elves. "Victor, make sure we're heavily guarded", she said. The goblin leader bowed. "Aye, my Sorceress. Everything will be corrected eventually", Victor smiled. And he opened the double doors...and left her alone.



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