The Library of Magic Book 2 A novel

Roy, Delia, and Anna, the seer, are at Ryder Keep with Drake...and the dragon. When the evil Sorceress finds out Roy is back home, she uses a group of dark orcs to capture the elf.

The first sequel to The Library of Magic.


4. The Library of Magic Book 2-Part Four


Queen Eleanora sat on her majestic throne.

"Where's Prince Caine?", she asked her husband. King Melham was sitting on his throne. He vented his anger. "​How can he betray us with the Sorceress?​", he asked his wife.

"He will be locked up for treason against the Kingdom", she answered.

And she started to cry.

"It's going to be alright, mother", Prince Eldred said.

"We love you, mother, father", Princess Bella stated.


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