The Library of Magic Book 2 A novel

Roy, Delia, and Anna, the seer, are at Ryder Keep with Drake...and the dragon. When the evil Sorceress finds out Roy is back home, she uses a group of dark orcs to capture the elf.

The first sequel to The Library of Magic.


1. The Library of Magic Book 2-Part One


The seer, Anna, closed her eyes.

"There's a library nearby that's full of books. It's a warm room where all of the elves, and dwarves, are educated". She smiled at Roy and Delia. Xavier, the young dragon, opened its eyes. It stared at her with awe. Drake and Loman, the cook, smiled at them. "We're glad you're here, Roy. Ryder Keep is secured. We're added new Knights, and guards, to oversee the ancient rooms", he said. Anna bowed at him. "Anna", she told him. "The seer. You've got a gift", he smiled. Anna stared at the dragon. It snored near the fireplace. She laughed, and she grabbed one of the books off the shelves, and started to read in silence.


The Sorceress stared into her black mirror.

She saw images of the elves, and the human girl, were at Ryder Keep. 

"​No! It's impossible!", she shouted in anger.

And she vented her dark clouds hovered outside the castle...and it started to rain heavily.


Caleb Wildwood stared into the warm fireplace. Zora walked towards him. "You look down", the dwarf said. He shook his head. "I was concerned about the Sorceress's power", he told her. She nodded. "Everyone's on edge; everyone's scared of her dark magic". Caleb nodded. "May I have some stew and herb bread please?", he asked her. He gave her five gold coins. "And here's two to stay here overnight". Zora accepted the coins. "I'll cook your meal now". And he kissed her, and slept on one of the seats.


Prince Caine watched the orcs sitting near the warm fireplace. 

He waited patiently, as they drank their orc ale. 

Suddenly he heard the sound of horses' hooves trotting towards them. He backed away. "Halt!​", Prince Simon said. He saw the orc camp was full of the evil creatures. He jumped off his horse, Dark Night. The orc leader, Ricketts, gripped its sharp dagger in its right, clawed, hand. "If you want a fight, you have one". As the fight happened, Prince Caine rode towards the Sorceress's castle, eager to inform her that other members of the Kingdoms were interfering in wars that they couldn't win.


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