A World Divided

It has been 50 years since the downfall of Lord Voldermort, and all his followers have been living as outcast. But now, they are wanting revenge. Revenge for not only losing their leader, but for being shut away into the darkest areas of the Earth, not allowed peace and forgiveness from the witches and wizards who see them as nothing but trouble-seeking vermin.

And now, caught up in the middle of the upcoming revolution in the Wizarding World, are two unlikely heroes, Ashley and Olivia. Growing up in an orphanage, they discover a letter from Hogwarts, claiming that they are in fact a witch and wizard. They go to Hogwarts to study magic, but by doing so have no idea of the mess they've landed themselves in. Their loyalty, trust, and bravery will be put to the test as they fight for what they believe in, in this epic fan fiction of Harry Potter.


2. Chapter 2

~~Olivia's POV

I wake up to a strange, low rumbling sound. I sit up stiffly, my body aching from the hard floorboards. I'm unsure what the time is, but judging from the eerie silence coming from downstairs, and a gentle light filtering through the cracks in the attic roof, I can tell it's very early morning. I look around through bleary eyes, trying to find the source of the noise.

"Ashley" I whisper. "Ashley wake up" I reach over and give him a gentle shake. 

He sits up looking dazed. 

"What?" he groans rolling away from me. 

"Listen! Can't you hear that noise? I think it's coming from the fireplace" I hiss standing up. 

He just mumbles something and covers his ears. I roll my eyes and take a closer look at the fireplace. I put my hand on the mantle (which instantly gets coated in dust) and feel a gentle vibration roll through my hand and up my arm. I step back in shock. What on earth is going on? I'm pretty sure fireplaces aren't supposed to vibrate.

"Ashley seriously - something weird is going on with the fireplace" I say.

He doesn't answer, instead pretends to be sleeping. After last night, things feel pretty awkward between us. Twins are supposed to know everything about each other, yet I had no idea he felt jealous of my life. Ashley has always seemed so happy, sure he doesn't really have any friends and he isn't top in any classes here (that's me), but I never knew any of that stuff was so important to him. 

Maybe I'm still dreaming. I go to walk back to my bed, no not bed, sleeping arrangement, when suddenly silence sweeps the room. The vibration in the fireplace has stopped, and for some reason a chill runs down my spine. I turn around, just in time to see a blinding green light which explodes in front of me like a firecracker, and sends me stumbling back. Ashley sits bolt upright now, looking around bewildered. The room shakes and a cloud of dust engulfs the room and fogs up my lungs, sending Ashley and I into a coughing fit. 

"What on earth - " stammers Ashley through wheezy breaths. 

"Sorry about that, I'm a bit rusty when it comes to travelling by floo powder. The first time I tried to get here, I ended up in the Arctic. Don't even ask me how" says a disembodied voice. 

The dust fades away and I see a strange lady standing in the fireplace. Ashley and I exchange puzzled looks. She's wearing an emerald green coat, with a white fluffy jumper underneath and some grey wide-leg pants. Her brown hair is tied up in a loose bun, and her eyes shine the same colour as her coat. She looks around at our confused expressions and seems to remember why she's here.

"Oh yes sorry! I haven't introduced myself, my names Rosalva, it's such a pleasure to meet you both. No need to explain who you are to me, Aldrina already told me all about you!" she says firmly shaking our hands. 

"I'm sorry, but did you just come out of the fireplace? Someone please tell me I'm dreaming" says Ashley pinching himself.

"Why, yes I did! And rest assured you're not dreaming. Why would you think that?" asks Rosalva looking confused.

"Well it's just, we've never seen anyone come out of a fireplace before" I say weakly. 

"Oh yes I suppose you haven't. Never mind that, you'll learn all about that and plenty of other spectacular things at Hogwarts!" she cries, her eyes shining brightly. 

"What? Hogwarts? Isn't that the magical place we read about in our letter?" asks Ashley shocked.

"Not just any magic place! Hogwarts is the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry you will ever know! And you two are lucky enough to go there!" says Rosalva beaming at us.

"So its real? The letter we read about us being a witch and wizard, and getting to learn magic, its all real?" I cry amazed.

"Well, yes. What did you think the letter meant?" she asks. Ashley looks like he's going to throw up. 

"It just seems - well we just had our doubts" I reply feeling guilty.

Before Rosalva can reply, loud shouts come from downstairs. We've been talking long enough for the carers to wake up and discover the source of the loud noise. All the colour drains from my face, Ashley looks just as pale. I look to Rosalva for help. I still have no idea what is going on, but I would rather follow her than stick around to see what Mrs Jensen has to say. 

"Hmm we won't have enough time to travel with floo powder, and I'm running low anyway" mutters Rosalva. "Quick take hold of my hands, both of you" she says urgently.

I hurry to her side and grip her hands, suddenly aware how sweaty my hands have become. She reaches out a hand for Ashley and he stumbles to his feet, and runs over to grab her hand. The loud shouts just below us now. It sounds like Mrs Jensen is struggling to find the right keys for all the locks she has to bolt us in here. 

"Right, this is going to feel a bit weird, but as long as you hold on to my hand tight at all time, you shouldn't fall off into a timeless eternity" says Rosalva, hints of nerves in her voice.

"Wait what?!" cries Ashley. But before he can do anything Rosalva mutters something under her breath and we're sent shooting through what seems like a black hole.

We're spun round and round, bright colours flashing in my eyes. I grip Rosalva's hand tightly as I struggle not to throw up. All my insides feel like they're being tossed around, and my head pounds from the bright lights. I shut my eyes tight and try to focus on something else, but that's proved slightly difficult when I feel like I'm being sucked through an endless black hole.  Suddenly it all stops, and we fall onto a field of grass. I struggle to my knees, and hear Ashley throw up in a bush. I try to point my attention elsewhere, fearing that whatever's left in my stomach will come back up. 

"Well, that was a bit of a bumpy ride!" exclaims Rosalva happily, putting her hands on her hips. 

"A bit? You nearly killed me! How'd you even do that anyway?" cries Ashley looking as white as a sheet. 

"Oh, just a bit of teleportation. There's nothing to it really. It's a very old means of transportation, but still works a charm. However, it can make you a bit sick if you're not used to it" says Rosalva peering over at Ashley and grimacing. 

"Teleportation? But I thought that's.... impossible" says Ashley in disbelief.

Rosalva just rolls her eyes.

"Well we got here didn't we? If teleportation was impossible, how do you explain this? One minute we were in an attic, now we're in a field. What would lead you to believe such a ridiculous thing anyway?" snapped Rosalva. I can tell she's getting sick of Ashley's naivety.

Neither of us say anything, and instead I peer around at where we are. There isn't much to see, in fact there isn't anything to see. For as far as I can see, there's just fields of grass, and a few scattered cows. It feels strange being outside, in a new place. They let us outside at the orphanage, but it wasn't very exciting. It was just a small area, divided from the rest of the world with large concrete walls, so none of us could escape. Ashley slumps down into the grass, with his head in his hands trying to figure out just what on earth is going on. 

"Well we should probably go inside, a storm is supposed to be coming" says Rosalva briskly walking away into the field.

"Go... inside? But there's nothing here" I say puzzled. 

"Oh don't be silly" she says, stopping abruptly. She turns away from me, pulls out what looks like a wand, and says something indistinguishable. A bright flash of blue races out of her wand, and soars into the air, whizzing around in funny shapes. As it climbs higher, what looks like a house starts to appear. Eventually the blue fades away and she tucks her wand back into her pocket. Ashley and I gape up at the three-storeyed house in awe. 

"Invisibility spell" explains Rosalva seeing our mystified looks. "You never know who could be lurking around while I'm not here". 

She leads the way inside, to a large cosy kitchen. Nearly everything is wooden, from the floors to the furniture. I notice a pair of oven mittens pulling a large tray of biscuits out of the oven on their own. The people in the pictures hanging on the walls move, and talk to each other. I notice some even leave their frame and appear in another picture. A blazing fire is roaring in a living room ahead of me, and a large fluffy brown cat lies lazily in front of it.

"Wow" I gasp.

"Yup, home sweet home. I would be lying if I said it is the greatest thing I own. Apart from Parsley of course" she says looking fondly over at the brown fluffy heap on the floor. She turns her attention back towards us. 

"Right, Aldrina has told me it would be best that you two stay with me until school starts - seeing as you have no where else to go. We'll go over to Diagon alley tomorrow to collect all your school supplies. And no we won't be travelling by teleportation" she says seeing Ashley's horrified face. 

"But until then, are you guys hungry?" she asks. We nod vigorously. I hadn't noticed how hungry I was until now, and my legs suddenly feel weak. 

We sit at her huge wooden dining table, which is probably big enough to fit about ten people. She serves us a rich red soup, which we gulp down hurriedly. And, to my surprise, the bowl refills itself when Rosalva clicks her fingers.

"Man magic would sure have come in useful at the orphanage" Ashley mutters to me between mouthfuls. I can't help but agree.

Later that night, Rosalva shows us to where we will be sleeping. She leads us into a large, but cosy room, with two beds that look like they belong in 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. 

"Well it's not much, but it'll do for now. Get a good rest, we'll be up bright and early tomorrow morning," beams Rosalva and she leaves. 

I climb under the huge, heavy blankets and am shocked by how comfortable it is. How can a bed be this cosy? There's probably a spell on it, it wouldn't surprise me. Just as my eyes flutter closed, Ashley starts talking to me.

"Do you think we can trust her?" he whispers to me, a serious tone in his voice. 

"We have no choice. It's either that or we go back to the orphanage. And that's not an option now anyway. Aren't you excited? We get to go and learn magic at the best witchcraft and wizardry school in the world! Our future will be a lot brighter if we go there, than go back to the orphanage" I reply. How can Ashley be so worried? What's the worst thing that could happen anyway? After a long silence, he replies.

"I guess I am excited. But it's all just happened so fast. I keep pinching myself to check I'm not dreaming," he pinches himself and winces. "I mean, an invisible house? Teleportation? How can you not have doubts about all this?" he asks.

I guess he's right, if someone had told me any of this two days ago I would've thought it some stupid prank. But now that I've seen it - and experienced it, how can I not believe it?

"There's nothing to doubt. You saw everything with your own two eyes. I don't know how any of it works, but your just overthinking everything. It will be better if you just enjoy this crazy adventure, and quit worrying so much!" I say laughing. This lightens the mood.

"I guess you're right, maybe it's not so crazy for this to all be real after all...." and with that he yawns and drifts away into sleep. 

I yawn and lie down properly too. I can't wait to see what the next day will bring.

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