A World Divided

It has been 50 years since the downfall of Lord Voldermort, and all his followers have been living as outcast. But now, they are wanting revenge. Revenge for not only losing their leader, but for being shut away into the darkest areas of the Earth, not allowed peace and forgiveness from the witches and wizards who see them as nothing but trouble-seeking vermin.

And now, caught up in the middle of the upcoming revolution in the Wizarding World, are two unlikely heroes, Ashley and Olivia. Growing up in an orphanage, they discover a letter from Hogwarts, claiming that they are in fact a witch and wizard. They go to Hogwarts to study magic, but by doing so have no idea of the mess they've landed themselves in. Their loyalty, trust, and bravery will be put to the test as they fight for what they believe in, in this epic fan fiction of Harry Potter.


1. Chapter 1

~~Ashley's P.O.V

I shuffle through the mounds of letters that pile in untidy heaps on the floor. How long these have been piling up for I'm unsure, but I do know I'm going to be here for a long time. I start organising them into groups, when I hear the heavy plonking of feet coming up the hall. Mrs Jensen, an old, stout, mean lady comes in dragging a bag behind her.

"Fresh lot for ya! And hurry up with that otherwise you'll be spending the night in the attic!" she roars slamming the bag down on the ground.

I jump nervously and she storms out. Everyone hates Mrs Jensen, she's one of the worst carers who look after us here at the orphanage. Once she made a kid named Max go 2 days without food because he took too long doing the dishes. She isn't allowed to abuse us the way she does, but she gets away with it because no one outside of the orphanage really cares about us. My twin sister Olivia and I came here when we were tiny babies, and have never stepped foot outside of the orphanage. We don't know much about where we live, just that it's a small island not far from London. When we are old enough, we will leave the orphanage and find work. I'll probably work in the fishing industry, like most boys who go here grow up to do. It sounds awful to me, I don't even like fish. Their beady, lifeless eyes gives me the shivers. I open up the bag sighing as I dig through the letters. I don't understand why so many letters get delivered here anyway, sometimes I think the people looking after us just write these letters to give us an extra chore to do. As I work my way through them, a flash of purple catches my eye. I pull out a rather old fashioned looking envelope, and see a bright purple seal stamping it shut. It looks like a coat of arms, with a lion, snake, badger, and an eagle surrounding a large letter 'H'. Weird, I didn't think anyone still used seals on letters. This could have been sitting in this bag of letters for years. I flip the envelope over and see neat cursive writing. I struggle to read it, but when I do my heart nearly stops. It has my name on it. And Olivia's. I stare dumfounded, my mouth hanging open. Could I be reading this right? I shut my eyes tight, and count to three, expecting when I open them someone else's name will be on the letter, and I'll go back to the dull job of sorting the mail. I open my eyes slowly, and the names 'Ashley and Olivia Haynes' remain. My fingers tremble as I go to open it. But my hand stops, hovering over the letter. If anyone catches me reading this, it'll be confiscated for sure. I decide I need to hide it, and open it later in secret. I'll find Olivia, and we'll open it together.

I finish my mail duty just in time for dinner, and head to the dining room. Crowds of children are already there, lining up to get our standard pile of mince with some peas and mashed potato. I line up and Ms White slops my food down on my plate. She signals for me to get lost and I go sit down by Olivia. She's sitting by a rather dull boy, named Alex, who is constantly swooning over Olivia. It makes me feel sick just looking at the way he dreamily stares at her.

"There you are!" she says looking up at me. "I thought you'd miss dinner. Most people do when they have mail duty".

I start shovelling down my food, hungry from missing lunch.

"Yeah well today I had purpose to finish quickly. I need to show you something" I say urgently.

Olivia continues eating, a bored look on her face.

"What is it? It's not another dead insect again is it? Seriously Ashley, your interest in bugs is getting out of hand" she says laughing.

"What? No! This is serious. I can't show you it here, not with everyone watching" I say seriously. "Hurry up and finish eating before the carers come back to send us to bed, we'll sneak away and come back before anyone even notices" I say quickly finishing off the rest of my food.

"And how do you propose we'll sneak away without anyone noticing?" she grumbles, eating faster.

"Ask Alex to cover for us. After all, he keeps making it very clear to everyone that he would die for you" I whisper rolling my eyes.

Alex doesn't seem to notice, but instead starts poking around at this food. Weird kid.

We both finish in no time, and making sure the coast is clear, sneak out of the dining room. Alex gives us a reassuring thumbs up, after agreeing to cover for us mainly because 'he wouldn't want Olivia's pretty face getting dirty in the attic'.

We have only a few minutes before the carers come back. We will have to be quick. We run silently around the corner and duck down through a small hole in the wall. None of the carers are small enough to fit in here, and they don't see the point in fixing it. We crawl into the dark, cobwebbed depths of the wall, and settle down on the dusty floor.

"Come on then, what is it? The carers will be back soon and they'll kill us if they find us here!" Olivia whispers nervously.

I pull the letter out of my coat pocket and show it to her. She takes it and stares at it.

"A letter? This is what you wanted to show me?" she says angrily.

"Not just any letter! Turn it over!" I say excitedly. She flips it over and her eyes widen.

"It's - it's for us!" she cries excitedly. Then a frown passes over her face. "But, who would be writing to us? No one even knows we exist!" she says puzzled.

"Well let's open it and find out!" I say taking it back from her and ripping it open, the perfect purple seal now demolished. I unfold it carefully and begin to read it out quietly, in fear of someone hearing us.

"Dear Ashley and Olivia,

Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into our school. Please find enclosed a list of all the necessary supplies you will need for the school year. Term starts no later than September 1st, be there on time, or risk losing your place at our school.

Signed, Aldrina Alcott.

P.S. We are aware of your circumstances and we will send someone to come and pick you up on August 28th".

I put down the letter, unable to process what I just read. Olivia's puzzled expression mirrors my own.

"There's no way that can be real" I say sadly. I had really thought there was a letter for us. I should've known better.

"It must have been that Jenny, you know what she's like. I think she just doesn't like you because she doesn't like seeing Alex drool all over you. If I didn't know any better I'd -" before I can finish Olivia cuts me off.

"No" she says bluntly. "It has to be real. Where would anyone here get a purple seal like that from? And I don't know of anyone who still writes in cursive, especially not here" she says snatching the letter from me to examine it.

"Come on Olivia! A school of witchcraft and wizardry? It sounds like something from a fairy-tale. Look I know you want to leave this place, but there's nothing we can do. Actually we should probably get back to the dining room, Alex won't be able to cover for us for much longer" I say waiting for her to reluctantly agree and follow me out.

"The 28th of August... why that's tomorrow! Ashley we could be leaving this place tomorrow! Imagine the looks on everyone's faces when we get picked up!" Olivia says excitedly.

"Olivia did you not just hear anything I just said? It's impossible! Tomorrow you'll find out this was all just a trick, probably made my Mrs Jensen as a test. I can't even imagine the punishment she has in store for us" I say nervously thinking about all the times I've been locked in the attic for small things like breaking a plate. When she finds out that we've been sneaking around and opened a letter.... I shudder at the thought.

"Well I guess we'll just have to find out tomorrow. Now come on Ashley, we have to go before we get caught" says Olivia determinedly pushing past me.

Sometimes I wonder if she listens to me at all. My whole life I've felt like I've been living in Olivia's shadow. She's known by everyone around here as being funny, pretty and very, very clever. While I'm just know as 'that quiet guy over there'. I'm always being overlooked, even by her.

We crawl out of the wall, and to my horror, straight into the arms of Mrs Jensen. She has a terrified looking Alex firmly in her grasp. She gives a wicked smile when we see her.

"Well, well, well. This is where you've been. Did you not like our company?" she says smiling that big, toothy grin of hers.

"I'm sorry guys, she asked where you were, and I couldn't lie" stammers Alex.

So much for covering for us.

"Well never mind, if you didn't like our company that much, you could've just asked. I'll happily put you in the attic for a few days, maybe then you'll learn to appreciate everything I do for you guys!" Mrs Jensen shouts angrily, grabbing Olivia and I by our ears. Alex runs away, probably off to tell everyone.

Mrs Jensen pulls us along corridors and up stairs, as we desperately beg and apologize over and over again, but it's all in vain. She drags us up to the top floor, and opens a hatch in the roof. A rusty ladder drops down, and she orders us to climb it. We reluctantly do, and once we're in she smiles at us.

"See you in a couple days" she says laughing as she slams it shut, plunging us into complete darkness.

Olivia, who is always calm in tough situations, gently finds her way towards a pile of tea light candles and matches. After a few tries, a match catches alight, and a soft warm glow envelops the room. This light doesn't make things feel so bad. For awhile we sit in silence, just staring into the light of the small candle. Last time I was here, I swore I wouldn't do anything to get back in here. And look at me now. Olivia has never been in trouble before, but she seems surprisingly relaxed. Maybe it's because she genuinely believes that by tomorrow we'll be off learning magic in some imaginary school.

I look around at our surroundings. The attic mainly consists of boxes full of old paperwork and clothes that have long been forgotten. Amongst these is an old fireplace, covered in a thick layer of dust. It looks like it has been here for decades, and it probably has. Why it's up here, I have no idea, but I wish it worked. Olivia must be thinking this too because she's staring at it wishfully.

"It doesn't work, trust me I've tried" I say glumly. Olivia looks at the floor, mindlessly drawing circles in the dust on the floor.

"I wasn't thinking about that. I was just - I want to believe that what we read in that letter is true so badly. I don't want to grow up here, just to leave and go find some below average job so I can just barely scrape by. I know I can do so much more than that. I want to see the world, I want to be somebody. Don't you?" she asks looking at me.

This takes me by surprise. I've never really thought about a life other than doing some mundane job on a dull island.

"I don't know, I guess" I reply not meeting her gaze. She sighs.

"You have no ambition Ashley. How can you just settle for what people expect of you? It's your life, you should do what you want with it" she says seriously.

"You're the one with all the smarts and ambition, not me. If there's anyone here that can actually do something worthwhile with their life, it's you. But not all of us are as lucky as you" I reply, a hint of anger and jealousy in my voice.

We don't talk for the rest of the evening, and eventually I create a makeshift bed out of cardboard and a moth-eaten blanket. I shiver and lie down uncomfortably, my back facing Olivia. The warm glow of the dying candle helps me to slip into an uneasy sleep.

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