17 year old Kalissa Tyler has the best job-pizza delivery girl. Not only does it pay well per hour, but she works with the absolute cutest guy-in her world anyway-Jaden Gortor. But life isn't perfect for this junior. With her parents fighting more and more and some thirty year old man watching what seems like her every move, Kalissa prays this ski vacation is just what she needs. Just her, her two besties, Aaron, Dave, and Jaden. But when the crew gets snowed in at the ski lodge, it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong did. Until her stalker shows up. Will Kalissa stay safe? Will she finally get the quality time she's been hoping for with Jaden? Or will her stalker finally corner her?


1. Best Smelling Car


       I swear I've got the best smelling car on this side of the Mississippi. I'm Kalissa Tyler, I'm 17, a junior in high school, I've got silky, wavy, blonde hair that does almost anything I tell it to, and I am a pizza delivery girl. Which explains the smell I was talking about. I live in a small town called Bexley in Washington state. Mt. Hood is about a two hour drive away with no traffic, so we go skiing every winter. But this year things are different. About 5 months ago, I got a text from a blocked number. I had no clue who it was. Stupidly enough, I responded.

       Hello Kali.

      Who is this?

       Don't you remember me?

      Why do you think I know you?

       That hurts Kal. That really hurts.

       Who are you?

       Haven't you seen me?


      That ponytail and that red pizza visor look good on you.

      What do you mean?

     Don't you deliver pizza?

      No. Where did you hear that?

     Liar. I've seen you.

     I have to go. My mom's calling for me.

      I don't hear her.


     I don't hear your mom calling for you.

    I'm calling the police.

     No you won't. You love me.

     I deleted the conversation and blocked the number. I called the police, but that didn't stop him from following me. I didn't hear from him for a few weeks, but then I started noticing a truck following me on all my deliveries. Every time I got out of the car, I saw a man, probably in his 40s, staring at me. It frightened me at first, but I learned to put up with it. I started dressing more modestly and got into the habit of looking over my shoulder. But at least I have the ski trip.

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