Susan Black

Susan Black hates Muggles. She has been living with Muggles Stanley and Clare, with their "perfect angel", Rosetta.She has believed she was a Smith for ten long, hateful years.
Then the letters start arriving.
She is starting Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and she will learn the ways of magic.
she also finds some hidden secrets in her third year and at Sorting, she had been called "Black". is this her true identity as Susan Smith, or is her true identity Susan Black?


Author's note

don't take this seriously for those who haven't watched "Order of the Phoenix" because this isn't true. Sirius,well... no spoilers.

2. Hogwarts (3 months later)

 i get to Kings Cross without trouble. only thing was, where is platform 9 1/3?

i don't ask Muggles. but i hear something suspicious.

"... place is filled with Muggles every time. hurry on, trains leaving in 5 minutes."

i turn in the direction and see a red head family of five then 3 feet behind was a boy of my age with black hair following.i tag along.i see 2 red heads disappear into a wall. i'm stunned. another red head went into the wall.

"excuse me? can you tell me..." said the black haired boy to the lady

"How to get onto the platform. don't worry, it's Rons' first time too. what you have to do is run straight at the wall. you got it?" she replied.

the boy nodded and ran to the wall. he went through.

"Excuse me?" i ask shyly. hagrid had warned me about strange people that could be Muggles.

"Yes dear? how can i help you?" she asked.

"Can you tell me how you find the plaform 9 and 3/4?"

"ah yes i just told the boy. run at the wall and you'll go through. hurry on Ron! the trains leaving soon."

i followed the boy and went through the wall. i found the train. i went on board but everywhere was full. i looked for partially empty stalls. i saw the red haired boy and the black hair boy talking.

"Wicked." said the red haired boy. he spotted me and asked me if i was looking for place to sit. i nodded shyly.

"it's OK, he was looking too." said the black haired boy.

i sit next to him.

"Guess who he is?" asked the red haired boy.

i shrug. i didn't know much about wizards.

"He's Harry Potter. I'm Ronald Weasley but you can call me Ron." he said.

"You're really Harry Potter? i'm Susan Smith."i said.

we shook hands. i brown haired girl walked in.

"have you seen a toad? Neville's lost his." she said rudely. i hate rude people.

"there's no toad in here otherwise we'd have known. Back off." i retaliated. she looked shocked. even Ron and Harry looked stunned.

"Damn." Ron said under his breathe.

"Wow." said Harry.

"unlike you, i'm Muggle-born so you back off." she snorted.

i stood up and faced her.

"Unlike you, i'm new to the wizard world. i don't like rude people." i snarled.

"oooh a mudblood and witch fighting. this should be exciting." a drooling voice said.

"Rude blonde. back off or my fist will." i growled at the boy.

"Oooh i'm so scared." he said but his body guards backed off.

"Oh come one! she's not serious." he said to them but his face met my fist. 

he stumbled back. i glared at him.

"Scared now, jerk? good. GET OUT!!!" i yell.

he ran out and people from the other stalls looked at me. they looked stunned.

"She just scared a Slytherin born boy! way to go!" said a boy.

"I'm Susan. Susan Smith."

"Dean Thomas." he said.

"You might want to put on your robes. we'll be approaching the school shortly." the girl said."I'm Hermione Granger by the way." and left.


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