Susan Black

Susan Black hates Muggles. She has been living with Muggles Stanley and Clare, with their "perfect angel", Rosetta.She has believed she was a Smith for ten long, hateful years.
Then the letters start arriving.
She is starting Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and she will learn the ways of magic.
she also finds some hidden secrets in her third year and at Sorting, she had been called "Black". is this her true identity as Susan Smith, or is her true identity Susan Black?


Author's note

don't take this seriously for those who haven't watched "Order of the Phoenix" because this isn't true. Sirius,well... no spoilers.

1. 11 years old for me.

"Wake up!" 

i wake with a start and fumble to turn on the light in my bedroom.

"Are you up yet?" my aunt screeched.

"Nearly." i mumble.

"good.Don't you dare burn the bacon. i want everything to be perfect for my little Rosetta's Birthday!" she yelled through the door.

i groan with exasperation. How can i forget Rosetta's Birthday?

"What was that? What did you say?" she demanded.

"Nothing, nothing." i replie groggily.

Not likely that her birthday is important. i don't get anything!

i get dressed in Rosetta's old clothes and walk into the Kitchen.

"Get my coffee ready, woman!" yelled Uncle Stanley.

"Yes sir." i cooperate coldly.

"37 presents?! but last year you got me 39!" 

Oh dear. there she goes again.

that was my "sister" complaining, as usual.

Ping! that was the sound of the 6:00 mail.

"Rosetta, get the mail." said Uncle Stanley.

"Make Susan get it." she said coldly.

"Susan, get the mail." Uncle scowled.

"Make Rosetta get it." i replied cold as ice.

"Rosetta, hit her with your Smeltings stick."

Smeltings was the high school she was going to. i was going to Stonewall.

i duck the stick and went to get the mail.

A bill, a letter from Aunt Talula, and a letter for me!

"Hurry up, woman!"

i hide the letter from them in my baggy waistband of my pants and hand them the letters.


Aunt Clare jumped a foot in the air and screamed like a banshee, Rosetta fell over her seat with the sound of a dying pig. it also sounded like a bomb went off when she hit the deck.

a massive shape took the entire doorway for the size and had to squeeze in.  the man looked at me and grumbled.

"sorry about that. i'll fix it fer yeh." he said. sounded Irish.

"who are you?" Uncle Stanley asked shakily.

"Rubeus Hagrid. Yeh can just call me Hagrid." the giant man replied in a booming voice.

he looked at Rosetta.

"greedy pig." i heard him mutter under his breath. 

"now were is Susan?" he asked.

i step forward.

"Ah yes yeh look like yer father very much." he said.

"how do you know my father?" i ask.

"oh his in Azkaban." he replied.

"Azkaban?" i say.


i jump back.

"i don't understand. tell me what?"

he storms over to the other side of the room where my aunt, uncle and cousin stood.

"yer haven't told this girl anything?!"

"we haven't had the time!"

"time my bottom! you spend your time on a pig!" i yell.

"open yer letter." he said.

he knows i have a letter.

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