My First Life

You will follow a young girl through her ups and downs of teenage life. First love, new friends, drama, grades.


1. Unexpected

          I took a deep breath in. My dad and the counselor was talking, but I didn't know what they were talking about. All I was doing was staring into the empty hallways of my new school. Yesterday, my parents and I came in to register me at my new school. We recently moved from Ohio, and haven't really settled in yet. The thought of starting over terrified me. What about the reputation, social status, and friends I've spent so much time building up? Did I really just leave those behind? What if the new kids don't like me? What if I'm weird? Those thoughts circled my head over and over and over again. 

        "Ariana?" I heard someone say. 

        "Er, yes?" I replied.

        "Hello! I'm Ms. Berndhart, I'm your grade's counselor. Me and your dad just finished talking. You will fit in great!"

        I rolled my eyes in my mind. BOI. Of course. Literally everyone says that. 

        "Why don't we get you settled in and show you your locker and meet your teachers?"

        I just died. RIP me. I have to meet people? PEOPLE?!? AHHHHH!!!!! I almost fell. 

        "Er, okay" I replied.

        "Great! Can I see your schedule?? I know it's always hard the first day, but trust me, you'll get over it."

         Easy for you to say. I uneasily followed her down the 700 hall and put my stuff in my locker and took stuff out that I needed. Then I EVER SO AWKWARDLY followed her to each of my classes one by one and saying hi to my teachers. I tripped on nothing in front of the WHOLE class as I walked out. Wow, great. Yeah I know. Finally I walked back into my first period class, and found a place in the back to sit. With a bunch of boys. That were swearing and rapping. Could it get possibly any BETTER? I never felt so relieved when the lights turned on and the class was packing up. A girl that looked Korean walked up to me. 

         "Hey! I'm Sophia. What's your name?"

          I almost thanked her.

          "Hi :) I'm Lily."

          "Oh, where'd you come from?"


          "Hmmm, oh that's cool. Wait do we have any classes together?"

          She took my schedule and read over it.

          "Aw, we only got 2 classes together! Homeroom and Spanish."

          "What a shame." I replied.

           Following her, suddenly 5 more girls came around and started to talk with me, looking at my schedule and being super nice. Sophia seemed really popular and she was really pretty. Hmph. A trait I'll never have. A few nice boys came over and introduced themselves. It was quite fun actually, and I was surprised at how natural I was despite the fact that I'm totally nervous. The bell ringed. Everyone was supposed to go to their 2nd period, which for me, was the Gym. Fuck. Physical Education. I hate that class so much. What we did that day was running the 7 laps around the track and I was wearing jeans so I was told that I could walk. There I was, walking alone and feeling awkward. Someone came up to me from behind. 

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