One Way Ticket from Hell

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  • Published: 14 Apr 2018
  • Updated: 17 May 2018
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My live has always been a hell – and, I’m not exaggerating, I don’t have any teenage-crisis. I mean, Hell, literary. I live on the suburbs, you know, a dim and gloomy place called the Valley of Destruction, and my mom is a demon specialised in tempting our dear neighbours from above – from Earth. She’s really good at it – there are many of diplomas and statues for The Demon of the Year and even some for The Demon of Century. She has even a mug with bright red letter saying “A one-way trip to Hell”. But, if it comes to tempting humans, I must say I’m the best prove she’s good.
My name is Abandon – yes, after this Abandon, mum’s a real fan of him – I’m sixteen years old and I’m a half-demon.

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10. Things get even more complicated


The first lesson is homeroom hour, so our getting late has no consequences. We sit at our desk; Susan sits behind us, alone. I look around, only to see Peter glaring at me from the far corner of the class.

“I’ll take care of it,” Rachel whispers.

I nod my head and pretend to listen to the teacher, but I cannot really focus. I’m lost in my thought until I hear the bell ringing, but before I go out, the form teacher ask me, Rachel, Susan and Peter to talk to her. I don’t remember her name, but as the door closes behind the last pupil, she takes on the most severe expression.

“I can’t believe you were careless enough to wander at the cemetery in the middle of night,” she frowned at us, paused and looked us in the eyes, one by one. “You failed the project. Each of you will write an essay about the dangers of sneaking from home at night. I expect them finished until the next weekend.”

We make the most apologetic faces and nod our heads. I’m almost sure none of us is truly sorry. Personally, I regret the things that happened that night, because everything has gotten so complicated now. But I can’t regret going to the cemetery in the first place. Down in Hell, I don’t have many friends to hang with; I just wanted to have fun once.

We leave the class together, but once we’re at the corridor, Peter gives me a deadly glare and scurries away. Susan gives Rachel an uneasy smile and hurries after her friend.

“Do you think she knows, too?” I whisper.

Rachel shrugs her shoulders.

“Would it be very bad?” she asks, as we walk down the corridor to our next class.

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

I’m not really sure; my dad knows what my mom and I are, and it seems there’s nothing wrong about it. But, of course, he keeps it secret. I have no idea what Peter is up to. If he shares the video before Rachel deletes it... I don’t want to be known as the half-demon who exposed our underworld to the mortals.

Of course the mortals have the book where it all is described, and have their preachers who tell about Hell every Sunday. But people are said not to believe in it anymore, or, anyway, not to believe in it as much as they used to.

Well, for us, demons, Middle Ages were the epoch full of challenges. My uncles still like harking back it; Uncle Behemoth is known  for provoking at least five wars. 

I don’t care much about the following lessons. There’s Maths and History, Geography and two hours of Physics, and of course I totally don’t get the drift about it all, so I just sit and gape at the blackboard and try not to look dumb.

“Are you still worried about the video?” Rachel whispers.

She doesn’t look at me; her eyes follow the teacher, only her lips moves.

“No one can see it,” I mutter.

She gives a tiny nod. “I’ll deal with it today.”

“You need help?” I ask. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea that she should do it alone. It’s not really her business, and I have no idea why she’s even helping me. She should be scared of what she saw, and she behaves as if nothing extraordinary happened.

“I’m his friend. He trusts me.”

“He’s in love with you.”

I thought she would be surprised, but she only smiles under her nose.

“Of course he is.”

When the bells ring, I go to the parking and wait for Laura and Amanda. My sister gives me a huge grin, hugs me and waves at her friends. When we get into the car, she looks at me with excitement, and I feel like going on foot.

“Did you really fight with three men yesterday?” she asks and takes her phone. “Everyone wants to know. The whole school is gossiping about you!”

“Amanda, please,” Laura sighs with irritation. “You won’t feed the gossips.”

“You’ll tell me at home,” she whispers to me.

We drive home in silence, and when we finally get there, we see a big truck standing before the opposite house and people carrying furniture and boxes inside. Amanda sticks to the window, and when we stop at the drive, she’s the first to jump out of the car and run to see the new neighbours. Laura joins her, and mentions at me to go with them. I’m in enough trouble already, so if follow them without enthusiasm.

There’s a tall, blonde woman standing at the porch and smiling at the workers. She may be in her early thirty; her eyes are very blue and when she smiles, all her face glows with happiness.

“Hello!” she calls at the sight of my sister and her mother, and hurries toward us. “You must be my new neighbours? It’s so lovely! My name is Gabriella. Gabriella Feather.”

She and Laura exchange smiles and shake hands, and Laura introduces us. Mrs. Feather compliments my sister’s pink dress, and then exchanges her hand to me. I shake it, mostly because I have no other choice. There’s something about her cheerfulness that irritates me.

When our hands meet, there’s a spark of electricity between us. You know, like sometimes you touch something metallic and there’s the strange feeling and you withdraw you hand. So, when our hands met, I felt like it was a little short circuit between us.

I look at Mrs. Feather, and she gives me a lovely smile, and it says ‘I’m really, really happy to see you’ and ‘let’s be best friends’ sort of things.

“It’s so lovely to meet you, Louis!” she beams at me. Then she lets go of my hand and turns to Laura. “I hope you’ll all come to have a dinner with me today evening.”

“Of course, thank you for invitation,” Laura agrees without a second thought.

We say our goodbyes and see you soon, and walk back home. Laura and Amanda chatter about how nice it is to have such a neighbour.

But I know there’s something wrong there; I feel it in my guts. I look around; Mrs. Feather is still at the porch, and waves at me. And then, suddenly, there’s a spark of gold in her eyes, and a golden glow appears around her head. I blink, taken aback, and then it is gone, but I know what I just saw.

So, when I thought my life cannot be more complicated, it just got a thousand times more tangled. So now, I’m not only a half-demon visiting Earth for the first time, attending a human school, and  with a film of myself fighting with a ghost that cannot fall into the wrong hands. I’m all this, plus now I have a neighbour who is an angel.

Yes, angel. From heaven.

I’m quite sure that never before an angel and a half-demon have lived at the same street.

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