One Way Ticket from Hell

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  • Published: 14 Apr 2018
  • Updated: 17 May 2018
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My live has always been a hell – and, I’m not exaggerating, I don’t have any teenage-crisis. I mean, Hell, literary. I live on the suburbs, you know, a dim and gloomy place called the Valley of Destruction, and my mom is a demon specialised in tempting our dear neighbours from above – from Earth. She’s really good at it – there are many of diplomas and statues for The Demon of the Year and even some for The Demon of Century. She has even a mug with bright red letter saying “A one-way trip to Hell”. But, if it comes to tempting humans, I must say I’m the best prove she’s good.
My name is Abandon – yes, after this Abandon, mum’s a real fan of him – I’m sixteen years old and I’m a half-demon.

Entered in the monster story marathon, category: a love story.


16. Against nature


I run down the hill, fighting my way through the long grass and bushes, hoping I remember the way to the bridged and that it’s not too late. The blood in my veins is so hot it burns my skin from the inside; I can hear it humming in my ears, and the world around me seems unreal.

Here I am, a half-demon trying to save a mortal girl. Attempting to rain on my demonic mother’s parade, to talk my human girlfriend out of killing her friend.

“Rachel! RACHEL!” I yell, and I can’t believe I’m so dumb; I could have called her long ago, but I forgot my phone. It must still be lying on my bed. “Rachel!”

I fall over a protruding root and I roll down to the feet of the slop. Once I’m on my feet again, I beetle further.

I see her now; Rachel is standing at the middle of the bridge with a branch in her hand, and at her feet there’s Susan lying, unmoving. Behind Rachel there’s my mother is sitting on the guardrail. Of course she’s invisible to everybody but me; she has no visa, she’s beyond humans’ perception.

They both turn their head to look at me, and they share a shocked expression. But then, Rachel smiles.

“Louis! You’re here!” she greets me, waving her hands. I look at the branch. There’s blood on it. “You won’t believe what she wanted to do!”

Louis, what are you doing here?!” my mother demands.

I glare at her.

“You betrayed me!” I yell ferociously. Rachel’s mouth fall open, and I’m sure my eyes are as red as the flames of Hell. “I though I could trust you!”

“Louis...” she gasps. “I did it all for you!”

Don’t you understand? It’ll our great success! You are to despise humans, not make friends with them!”

“Rachel, is she still alive?! Is she?” I walk slowly toward the bridge. There’s madness in Rachel’s eyes. Her lips are trembling. “Rachel, tell me.”

“She’s still breathing,” the girl whispers. She shakes her head. “But Louis, she noted Peter died at the very same day he sent me the clip. And they shared the Google Disc. She knows the film was there, and then it was gone... She will expose you...”

“You’re right, Rachel,” my mother jumps from the guardrail, she stays behind the girl and embraces her with her hands. She whispers to her ear. “You’re right. You are doing it for him. He doesn’t understand the danger he’s in. You must protect him.”

“I must protect you, Louis!” she looks down at Susan. There’s hatred in her eyes. “She will ruin everything!”

“She can’t ruin anything!”

But Rachel shakes her head and kneels down; she pushed Susan toward the edge of the bridge, and I know her body will fit below the first bar of the guardrail. The river is deep and fast-flowing under them.

“Do it, Rachel. Be brave. He loves you,” my mother whispers. “And you’ll live forever with him. Immortal, powerful.”

“Rachel, I know what you think!” I move slowly as not to startle her. One her move and Susan will fall into the water. “Listen, I shouldn’t have told you about the whole thing. You’re making a mistake. I can’t become a demon. You can be like me!” I try to reason, but my mother kneels down by Rachel, and I can only guess the lies she whispers in her ears. And I know, I know she won’t stop no matter if I bed her, if I promise to go back to Hell and be a good demon, she won’t stop. She always gets what she wants. And now she wants Rachel to be the killer she invented, and she wants me to have a part in this.

“Abandon,” her voice is ice-cold when she looks into my eyes. “Control yourself. Think what you’re doing,” she hisses. “You are to tempt humans, not to help them. Remember yourself, child. You’re about to break the oldest rules, the one that cannot be broken.”

“Rachel, come to me,” I extend my hands toward her. “Come her, please. Just leave her. We’ll be fine,” I try to persuade her. I fell dizzy, my blood is so hot it’s almost painful. I know the thing I’m trying to do is against the nature. “Rachel, what you’re trying to do is wrong. It’s a bad thing. You don’t want Susan’s blood on your hands. Please, Rachel,” I practically beg. “Please, if you kill her, we can’t be together.”

I wonder where Gabriella is. Thanks a lot for leaving me when I need you the most!

“I know you have a good heart, Rachel,” I try, because I know it’s what Gabriella would say. “It’s your life and your choices. Make good ones.”

Abandon, when you once cross the line, there’ll be no forgiveness!” my mother hisses. Her eyes are like two glowing torches. “Even I won’t be able to help you!”

“Rachel, don’t do this. I beg you, stop!”

I extend my hands. I’m almost by her; just a step or two and I’ll reach her, I’ll grab her and pull her toward me, and she’ll have no choice but to leave Susan alone...

“He’s lying to you, because he’s in love with Susan!”  My mother shouts into her ear.

I know what will happen just by the expression on Rachel’s face. At first it’s blank, then there’s rage. I jump forward, and she pushes Susan toward the edge in the same time. And she falls, and I’m lying on my stomach with a scrap of her T-shirt in my hand.

In the next second I jump into the river after her.

The coldness is a shock, and when the water closes above my head, I suddenly remember I can’t swim. The current tosses me onto something, and I grasp it; it’s soft and I guess it’s Susan’s hand, but I can’t see. I wave my legs in a desperate attempt to break the surface. I see a spark of light coming from above, but it’s so distant... My lungs burn and I realize I have no idea what will happen to me if I die. Because, Hell, I can die. I don’t age, but I can be killed!

The faces of my father and sister whirl before my eyes. I see Amanda in her pink dress, laughing, and our dad and Laura kissing. And I regret I’m going to lose it all, I regret it so much my heart hurts.

The next thing I note it’s air – fresh air that fills my sore lungs. The world is whirling around me, and I can’t see properly. My eyes hurt.

“It’s all right, all right,” there’s a female gentle voice, and someone’s hand on my shoulder. “It’s all going to be all right, my dear.”

“Gabriella?” I choke. Someone rolls me onto my stomach and pats my back. There’s a lot of water coming out of my mouth. “Susan?”

“She’s alive,” I hear a male, melodic voice. “You did it, Louis. Thank you.”

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