One Way Ticket from Hell

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  • Published: 14 Apr 2018
  • Updated: 17 May 2018
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My live has always been a hell – and, I’m not exaggerating, I don’t have any teenage-crisis. I mean, Hell, literary. I live on the suburbs, you know, a dim and gloomy place called the Valley of Destruction, and my mom is a demon specialised in tempting our dear neighbours from above – from Earth. She’s really good at it – there are many of diplomas and statues for The Demon of the Year and even some for The Demon of Century. She has even a mug with bright red letter saying “A one-way trip to Hell”. But, if it comes to tempting humans, I must say I’m the best prove she’s good.
My name is Abandon – yes, after this Abandon, mum’s a real fan of him – I’m sixteen years old and I’m a half-demon.

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18. A month later


Soon after I returned home my dad got a position of the department head at children hospital. The hospital was in a big city, and he and Laura decided it would be great to move here. She was happy she would be closer to her parents, and I was thankful for the new start the transfer offered.

We live in an apartment now, in a city centre. It’s only temporally; we’re selling the house and looking for something on the suburbs, and I have to share a room with Amanda, but we don’t complain. I’m just glad the walls are not pink. We get along pretty good.

As for Rachel, I’m not sure what happened to her. I asked dad a few times, but he thinks it’ll be better if I forget about her. It’s not easy. I can forget her hypnotizing eyes and her long, silky hair, but Laura claims I will once I meet a nice girl. She tells it’s a right of being a teen, to fall in love and out of love every other week.

I didn’t see Susan since the day she almost died. I’m not surprised she doesn’t want to see me. I hope she’ll be alright. She’s good physically, but, you know, almost getting killed can leave a trace.

As to traces, I managed to convince dad and Laura to let me keep a stray dog I found at the park. He leaves a lot of traces, especially after rainfall, and I’m to clean after him. I wanted to name him Guairá, but Amanda called him Mr. Fluffy and it stuck to him. So, Fluffy is an official member of our family.

And as to great news, a lady from social care visited us to inform that my mom signed away all her parental right and now I’m fully in my dad’s care. Laura decided she would adopt me. I’m slowly getting used to the idea of calling her mom.

I don’t use blue contacts and the wax, and still when I look in the mirror, sometimes I’m surprised seeing my reflection. Amanda, once she discovered coloured wax, begged and begged until Laura bought them a tube of pink one. Now my sister is pink from her feet to the top of her head. I’m trying to convince her to wear other colours too, but so far I haven’t succeed, so I share a room with a little pink Smurf. And yes, I’m aware the Smurfs are blue. I’m a quick learner.

I’m getting use to being a big brother, too. I play games with Amanda, and a few days ago Laura managed to make a picture of me with a Barbie doll in my hands. And now every time I’m too lazy to take out the rubbish she mutters something about hanging in on the wall. It motivates me a lot. What I really enjoy is taking Amanda and Fluffy to the park. I watch her while she’s playing, and I think that in a few years, when she’ll be order, I’ll be the kind of overprotective brother. I vow the give every boy trying to get near her a really hard time.

And believe me; I know what hard time means. I happened to be a half-demon once.

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