Hell in Love

What happens when Amelia's date can do things mortal human beings can't? Amelia is desperate to find out. But she might bring herself and her best friend Shawn in danger.


2. Chapter 2

After I showered and ate breakfast, I called Shawn. “Hey lovebird.” Shawn sang. “Hey, we need to talk. Can you come at my place?” “Yeah, sure. I’ll meet you in five minutes.” Shawn said and he hang up the phone. I have to talk about Jacob with someone who hopefully won’t think I’m crazy. As promised, Shawn arrived five minutes later. My parents are out at the moment. “What’s going on?” Asked Shawn after I lead him to my room. “You might want to sit down…” I started. “Please, don’t tell me you’ve killed Jacob!” joked Shawn. He stopped laughing when he saw my face. “You’re joking, right?” “What? No, I didn’t kill him! But I think something is wrong with him.” I replied. Shawn raised his eyebrow, which means I can explain what’s on my mind.

I told him how Jacob just disappeared. Shawn was silent for a moment. Because he frowned, I know he’s thinking. “Wat was he drinking?” asked Shawn. “A coke, why?” I asked; raising my eyebrow. “Damnit.” cursed Shawn. “Well, if he drank wine he could have been a vampire.” explained Shawn. “You do realise that there is no such thing as vampires, right?” I asked. “You do realise that normal human beings don’t just disappear, right?” Shawn mimicked me. “Alright, suppose vampires exist… How am I supposed to find out if Jacob is a vampire?” I asked and Shawn rolled his eyes. “What?” “How many times did we watch Dracula?” “Almost every Friday.” I replied. “Exactly. What did you learn?” Shawn asked. He would be an excellent teacher.

“Uhm, they like to drink wine. They hate garlic and…” But Shawn interrupted me. “They hate garlic, indeed. All you have to do is cook him a meal with lots of garlic.” “Shawn, this is ridiculous! We’re not in the movie Dracula, this is real life!” I exclaimed; Shawn looked at me. “But is your boyfriend real?” “I… I don’t know, okay. But there might be another way to find out.” I said. I don’t like garlic. “Well, he has friends in the Sword Fight club, right? They must know more about Jacob.” I suggested. “That’s a brilliant idea! Except one thing: what if his friends are vampires too?” Shawn replied sarcastic. “Fine, then we won’t ask them.” I gave it up.

“But, there might be a safer way… Well, it’s still dangerous if they find out.” “What are you thinking off?” I asked curious. “We could spy on them.” “Are you joking? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?” I said; Shawn looked angry. “Hey, it’s your boyfriend we’re talking about and you don’t even know if he’s real! For all we know, you could be dating a vampire or maybe a ghost.” “Alright, alright. Then the game is on… But we need a plan, okay?  I’m not going to let us get killed.” “Yes, we might need a plan. But first, we need food. I’m hungry.” Shawn said; I rolled my eyes. “You’re always hungry.” “Yes, but we have been talking for hours. It’s noon already!” I looked at my phone and saw he’s right.

“What are we going to eat?” asked Shawn. “Something healthy, please.” I begged. Burger King and Pizza Hut in two days is a little too unhealthy. “Fine, let’s make a sandwich then.” suggested Shawn. We found cheese, ham, tomatoes, salad, eggs, carrots and mayonnaise. I cooked the eggs while Shawn cut the tomatoes and the carrots. We prepared our own sandwich. “Why don’t you want to go to Burger King?” complained Shawn. “You know Shawn, it’s nice to eat something healthy once in a while.” I said and rolled my eyes.  We didn’t say anything else while we were eating. After lunch, we did the dishes. I washed them and Shawn dried everything.

“Now, we need a plan.” started Shawn. “First, what is the goal?” asked Shawn. “Well, we want to find out if Jacob’s friends are like him or not. But how?” “Therefore, you got me.” smirked Shawn. “They are all in the Sword Club. But when do they train?” I looked it up on my phone. “Monday, from 7.00 am till 8.00 am. Why so early?” I sighed. “To train before school starts. Anyway, that means we’ve got lots of time to set up our plan.” “Luckily it’s Sunday. Imagine we’d have to wait an entire week.” I complained. “Okay, back to the plan. We should wait for them when the training is finished. Which means we have to be there at 7.30 am…” Shawn said but I cut him off. “At 7.30 am? Are you out of you mind? It’s summer holidays, Shawn. Not school!” I exclaimed. “Then you just go to bed early for once, alright? I can’t help it they train so early.” “Yeah, whatever. What do we do next?” I felt like we’re police officers from Scotland Yard. “

Well, when they’ve finished their training, they should come out of the building. So we’re just going to spy on them. See what they’re doing. And hoping you didn’t hallucinate it.” Shawn said and stared at me. “Really, Shawn? Do you really think that just happened in my imagination?” I replied; trying to remain calm. “I believe you, Amelia. But there is a big chance it’s not real. But do you really think I’d help you out if I didn’t believe you?” “Yes, you’re probably right. I’m sorry.” I mumbled. “Me too. Anyway, we can’t do much until tomorrow morning. I think we both get as much rest as possible, and then I’ll be here at 7.20. We’d best take our bike in case we have to flee.” said Shawn. “That’s plan B? If something goes wrong we’re just going to get out of there?” I asked; raising my eyebrow. “Amelia, what on earth could go wrong?” asked Shawn. Everything. I thought, but I didn’t say it out loud. Shawn seemed so certain, so calm. We said goodbye and Shawn left. I looked at the clock and saw it’s 4.00 pm already. I turned on the telly and watched Netflix. Watching Doctor Who always gets my mind of off things. Exactly what I needed right now.

My alarm clock was set at 7.00 am. I took a quick shower. For the plan, I need comfortable clothes. It’s summer but still morning, so it won’t be too warm yet. I decided to wear a black Bermuda and a dark blue t-shirt. It’s not the most sexy outfit but at least it’s comfortable. I put on my dark blue toms. It’s 7.10 am when I ate breakfast. I drank orange juice because there is no time for tea and I ate a slice of bread with strawberry jam. When I was finished, the doorbell rang. Luckily, my parents are already off to work. “Ready?” asked Shawn. “Yes, just let me take my bike.” I went to the garage and took my bike.

Then, it was finally time for our plan to work. We went to the Sword Club. As expected, we’re alone on the parking. The cars were separated from the building through some bushes. We checked if someone was waiting in one of the cars. Then, we hid ourselves and our bikes in the bushes. We had a perfect view on the entrance of the building. But nobody entered or left the building, at least not for half an hour. At 8.00 am, people left the building. Jacob and his friends. They were laughing and talking like normal human beings. Two of Jacob friends walked away. But then, one of his friends disappeared. Shawn squealed. He shouldn’t have done that. Only Jacob and another friend are left, but they ran really fast until they stood next to us. “Oh, Amelia. You really couldn’t stay out of trouble, could you? I’m afraid it’s too late now.” said Jacob. “What are you talking about? Jacob, please. You don’t have to do this. What are you anyway?” I asked, but Jacob grabbed me and his friend grabbed Shawn. “Let us go!” yelled Shawn. But it’s too late. We all disappeared.

I really don’t know where we landed. All I saw was burning black coal. It was so dark and so hot in here. I’m sweating already. Jacob was still holding me tight. Unfortunately, not in a romantic way. “Jacob, where are we?” “Trust me, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” He was so calm when he answered. “Why are you doing this to us?” asked Shawn. I almost forgot he’s here as well. This is all my fault… “I have no pleasure in this… Shawn, right? I really love Amelia, but you two saw too much.” explained Jacob. “But we don’t know what we saw, Jacob. Then what does it matter?” I negotiated with him. How am I going to get of here? Whatever this place is. “It’s the rules. If a Forgivable, like you, sees an Unforgivable like us, they first go to prison. Then, they go to the Angel of Darkness. He decides what happens to you.” explained Jacob. “The Angel of Darkness? What is that supposed to mean?” asked Shawn. “Well, you could say he’s our boss. We serve him forever.” “What if you don’t?” I asked curious. “Then he’d turn us into dust.” “That sounds cheerful.” Shawn replied sarcastic. Jacob glared at him. “Oh, believe me, this place is anything but cheerful. It’s worse than your biggest nightmare. But I think I’ve told you enough for now. Time to go to prison.”

I always imagined prison as in the movies. This one is worse. Much worse. And I still don’t know where we are. It’s horrific. In this prison, the prisoners looked like us. “What are they?” “Forgivable or Unforgivable you mean? Both.” answered Jacob. “Both? Why would you put some of your own… kind in prison?” Asked Shawn surprised. “Earth has got prisons as well, so what’s the big deal? If some of us does something against the rules, we put them in prison. And this one is yours, Amelia. The one next to it is yours, Shawn.” Jacob pointed at our prison cell. He locked our cells and left, together with his friend. “Our plan B really worked out.” I sighed. “Yeah, well, that doesn’t get us out of here.” Both of us were silence for a moment. “Where are we?” Yelled Shawn; trying to reach every prisoner. “Oi, guys! That newbie doesn’t know where he is.” One of the prisoners mocked us. “I bet they’re Forgivable.” Another said; most prisoners laughed. “What does that even mean?” I asked. “Being Forgivable, means you’re from Earth. Being Unforgivable, means you’re from here.” A guy with glasses said. “And where is here?” asked Shawn. “Somewhere worse than your biggest nightmare.” “That’s what Jacob told us, yes. But that’s not a good answer, is it?” I replied annoyed. “Oh, so you’ve met Jacob. How?” The guy with glasses asked. “Uhm, I’m his girlfriend…” The Unforgivable prisoners laughed. “You’ll find out where you are soon enough. But be careful. If you’ll meet the Angel of Darkness, you’ll get a choice. Whatever the choice is, think it through. You won’t get a second chance.” An older-looking Unforgivable advised us. What is that supposed to mean?

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