Hell in Love

What happens when Amelia's date can do things mortal human beings can't? Amelia is desperate to find out. But she might bring herself and her best friend Shawn in danger.


1. Chapter 1

“We have to go out tonight!” My best friend Shawn exclaimed. “You go out every Friday. Why do I have to come with you?” I asked. “Because, Amelia, you’re 18 years old and you haven’t even kissed a boy yet! So, we’re going to find you a date.” Shawn said and I sighed. Every single time he has to bring it up… Yes, I’m 18 years old and I’ve never had my first kiss. “I have a better idea.” I started. We can stay inside and watch Netflix. How about that?” I tried even though I know it won’t change his mind. Shawn is quiet stubborn, especially if he wants to go out. “Oh no, give me your phone.” Shawn demanded. “What? No!” Shawn looked me in the eyes. “Do you trust me or not?” He said; I sighed and gave him my phone. “What are you doing?” “Installing a dating app for you.” I glared at him. “No, Shawn! Give it back.” I held my hand in front of him; demanding my phone. “Okay, so you’d rather stay single forever then?” “I hate you.” I said and Shawn smiled. “No, you don’t.” Shawn sat down on my bed so I decided to join him. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Shawn exclaimed. “What?” “Jacob likes you.” Shawn said but he didn’t seem so pleased about it. “Jacob? Jacob from the Bath Sword Club?” I said; we both live in Bath and the sword club is only a few streets from my house. “Yeah, take a look.” Shawn said and finally gave my phone. It really was Jacob. I’d recognise his dark brown hair and grey eyes immediately. Without Shawn noticed; I pressed the like-button.

“I can’t believe that jerk likes you.” mumbled Shawn. “Hey, it was your idea. Besides, just because most of his friends are jerks doesn’t mean he is.” “Yeah, whatever. Anyway, are we going to Burger King yet? I’m starving!” The Burger King was near the Sword Club, so we decided to go there on foot. There were lots of people in the streets, but I still recognised him. Jacob waved and smiled at me; I waved back. “You like him, don’t you?” Shawn asked when we arrived in the Burger King restaurant. “I don’t know, maybe.” I answered and Shawn rolled his eyes. “Do I have to remind you it was your idea?” “Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry.” Shawn apologised.

My phone buzzed. Jacob sent me a message. Hey. So I replied the same. There’s a party in the city tonight. Are you going as well? “What does he say?” asked Shawn. “How do you know it’s Jacob?” I asked and Shawn rolled his eyes. “Because you’re smiling like an idiot. What does he say?” Shawn asked again. “He asks if I’m going to the party tonight.” I said softly. “Yes! I told you it’d be a great idea.” “Whatever, but I don’t have anything to wear!” I lied; I’ve been trying for years to get him shopping with me. I’m not too fond of shopping, but everything gets more fun when Shawn is around. He sighed. “This is the only time in my lifetime that I’ll go shopping, okay?” Shawn said dramatic. “You’re the best!” I said and hugged him. We decided to take the tube so we could shop in Oxford Street in London. It’s about twenty minutes on the tube but it’s totally worth it! We both grabbed our phone and put our earplugs in.

When we arrived at Oxford Street, we first visited Primark. There were a couple of dresses, but nothing really my style. At least not good enough for a party. In Forever 21, I saw a very elegant black dress. It wasn’t too expansive so I bought it. I’ve got a pair of black heels at home and they’d suite perfectly. “Do you need anything for tonight?” I asked Shawn after I paid for the dress. “Nah, I’ve got enough shirts at home.” Shawn said. I know he doesn’t really like to go shopping, so it’s cute to know he does that for me. We took the tube again. It was 8.30 pm when we arrived home. Well, Shawn went to his own house to get ready for the party. So did I. First, I took a shower. I didn’t apply any make-up. I’ve never done it before and I don’t even know if my mom has make-up. Besides, if I’d ask her she’d be suspicious about it. I guess she’d know immediately I’m wearing make-up for a boy. After I showered I put on the dress and heels. I used the straightener for my hair though. Suddenly, I heard the doorbell. “Amelia! Shawn is here!” My mom yelled from downstairs. “I’m coming!” I grabbed my red handbag and went downstairs.

“Hey!” I greeted Shawn and he hugged me. “Bye, mom!” “Have a good time, darling.” Mom said and I left. After five, maybe ten minutes we arrived at the club called The Second Bridge. The waiting line to get in wasn’t too long. The second Bridge is a quite a popular club, but it’s also huge. The club has lots of staff so that’s why the waiting line never gets really long. It was only 9.30 pm when we got in, but there were already about 100 people. Usually, by 11 pm there will be 300 people. On one of the posters of the wall, I saw that Friday Night Kiss is playing. “I’m going to get a drink. You want one?” asked Shawn. “Yes, sure.” A few minutes later, Shawn brought me a beer. I only drink beer on parties, to be honest. “Do you mind if I’m going to dance?” Shawn asked; I shook my head. He actually means that he’s going to dance with some random girl, but I don’t mind.

And then I noticed Jacob. He saw me too so I looked away. I didn’t want him to think that I’m staring at him. “Hey, Amelia.” “Hey Jacob.” “Enjoying the party?” asked Jacob. “Yes, I guess. You?” I asked. Well, we had to scream to be able to understand each other. “Yes, I don’t see you here often. Why’s that?” “I’m not too fond of this music. But it’s nice.” “So are you.” Jacob flirted with me; I couldn’t help but blush. I hope he didn’t notice it. “You like me, then.” I answered casually. “I do, yeah. And you? I mean, do you like me?” I don’t know why, but I leaned forward and stood on the tip of my toes to reach him. The next moment, my lips are pressed against his. Jacob kissed me back. “Wow.” I whispered when we were finished. “What?” Jacob screamed; he didn’t hear me because of the loud music. “Never mind.” I replied; louder this time. We were both dancing on the music. We didn’t talk a lot but after a while, we went outside. “The music is pretty loud.” I said; just to start a conversation. “Yes but I kind of like it.” Jacob answered and he held my hand. “You’re my girlfriend then, aren’t you?” Asked Jacob, more shy then when he flirted with me. “Do you want me to be your girlfriend?” I asked a bit unsure. “I’d love to… Sorry, that wasn’t the proper way. Do you want to be my girlfriend, Amelia Hunter?” “I do.” I said; happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I looked at my phone. Wow, it’s already 1 am. “Maybe we should get back inside.” I suggested. Even though it’s summer, it was rather cold outside. We were still holding each other’s hands when we went inside. “I’m going to get me a beer. Do you want one as well?” I asked Jacob; he nodded and joined me. I paid for the beers and we walked to the dance floor. “Isn’t that one of your friends?” Asked Jacob; pointing at Shawn who was kissing a random but beautiful girl. “Yes, that’s Shawn. He’s my best friend. Did you come here on your own?” “No, but we always split up at some point.” Explained Jacob and he lifted his shoulder.

We didn’t say anything else because the music was still way too loud to have a proper conversation. But we danced till the party ended. At the end of the party, I couldn’t find Shawn anymore. I called him but he didn’t answer. Great! “What’s wrong?” Asked Jacob. “I can’t find Shawn. We walked here and I don’t really feel like walking back home alone.” I said truthful. I’m kind of upset about it because Shawn is probably too drunk or still with that girl or both. If I go out with him, he’s usually the one to walk me home. He knows my mom doesn’t want me to walk alone in the dark. “Hey, I can walk you home if you want me to.” Suggested Jacob. Why didn’t I think of that yet? “Yes, thank you. My mom would freak out if she knew I’d be walking home alone.” I answered. Jacob kissed me gently. “I love you.” Said Jacob. “I love you too.”

We left the party and Jacob walked me home. “What is your favourite band?” Jacob asked. “All Time Low, and yours?” “Coldplay, definitely Coldplay.” It’s my turn to ask something. “Favourite food?” “Pizza.” “Mine’s pasta.” I replied. “Any kind of pasta?” continued Jacob. “Yes, except spaghetti Bolognaise.” I answered and Jacob raised his eyebrow. “Why not spaghetti Bolognaise? It’s the best one!” Jacob exclaimed; I laughed because the face he made was hilarious. “It’s too ordinary. I guess I just ate it too much when I was a kid. But there are so many kinds of pasta you can eat. That’s why I like it. What is your favourite pizza then?” “Pizza bacon cheese fry.” Jacob answered casually. “Pizza bacon cheese fry?” I repeated confused. “Yes, it’s a pizza with bacon, cheese and fries. It’s delicious!” Now, it was my turn to raise my eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you’ve never eaten it before?” “Nope, it sounds weird.” I said; after I popped the ‘p’. Unfortunately, we arrived at my house. “Well then, Amelia, I invite you for a pizza date in the Pizza Hut. Can you make it tomorrow at 6 pm?” Jacob asked me out. “Yes, I can. Can I have your phone number?” I asked; so if I had to contact him I could. “Yes, sure. Give me your phone.” So, I did. He put his number in my phone and even gave it a profile picture. “Thanks.” I said and kissed him. He kissed me back with more passion. Then, he had to go home so I entered mine. I walked to my room and fell on my bed. I fell straight asleep.

The next morning, I woke up and took a shower. After I showered, I decided to wear a jeans, and black t-shirt. It’s actually quite amazing. Yesterday, I had my first date and today my second. I actually should thank Shawn. Then, it hit me. I haven’t heard of him yet so I turned on my phone. Shawn called me five times and sent me like ten messages. I pressed the shortcut  for Shawn’s number. The phone rang only twice before he picked. “Amelia, I am so sorry! I should’ve never left you alone. I know how your mom feels about you walking alone at night, I am so sorry! She must have been so angry and…” I cut him off. “Shawn, it’s alright. I was indeed mad last night, but I didn’t walk home alone.” I told Shawn. “What do you mean?” Shawn asked surprised. “I… Jacob walked me home.” I whispered. “You and Jacob, huh? So, what’s going on between you two?” Of course, he didn’t know yet. “Well, we’re a couple.” “Really? Like official?” “Yep, official. So I might have to thank you.” “Wait a minute, what did you say?” Shawn said; I don’t often thank him. “You heard me good enough, I won’t say it twice.” I laughed; Shawn laughed as well. I said goodbye to Shawn before I hang up the phone.

Then, I prepared myself again for another date with Jacob. Unfortunately I’m just a student with not enough money to go shopping every time I want to. Therefore, I had to wear one of the dresses in my closet. I chose a cute, blue dress with a few pink flowers on them. At 5.55 pm, the doorbell rang. My parents weren’t home so I went downstairs to open the door. Jacob was outside, he wore a black jeans with two holes in the front. One hole for each knee. Above the black jeans, he wore a red shirt that was a bit open to reveal his chest. He held a rose in his hand. Not a normal, red rose but a black one. I was a bit surprised, but of course I took it when he gave it to me. Why would he give me a black rose? Where do you even buy black roses? I just shook my head. Perhaps he just likes black a lot.

 It was pretty crowded in the Pizza Hut. Then again, it’s Saturday evening. One of the female waiters walked towards us. “Good evening, a table for two?” she assumed. “Yes, please.” Answered Jacob. “We’re a bit full at the moment. Would you mind to wait two minutes?” “Sure, no problem.” As promised, five minutes later we had a table for two. The waiter gave Jacob the menu. On her badge, I read her name is Amanda. “I’m afraid you have no choice, Amelia.” Smiled Jacob. “As you’ve never eaten a pizza bacon cheese fry before, that’ll be your dinner.” I raised my eyebrow. “Oh really, and what will you take?” I said and Jacob shrugged. “The same, of course.” A few minutes later, Amanda was back to order our meal. “An extra-large pizza bacon cheese fry, for both of us, please.” “And what would you like to drink?” “I’ll have a fanta please.” I ordered. “For me a coke, please.” The waiter left and brought us our drinks immediately.

“How long do you and Shawn know each other?” Asked Jacob out of the blue. “Oh, uh, since we were in kindergarten together. We have been best friends from the start.” I told him. “Just out of curiosity, did you ever have any feelings for him?” I was really surprised about that question. Why would he ask that? “No, I haven’t. Who is your best friend?” I changed the subject. Even though I told him the truth, it’s still a bit uncomfortable to talk about it. It feels so unnatural to even think about Shawn as my boyfriend. I mean, I love him but as best friends. He’s like a brother to me. But if you think about it, it’s not that weird Jacob asks it. Many people think we’re a couple. But I’ve never had any romantic feelings for him.

While Jacob talked about his friends, the extra-large pizza arrived. I’ve never seen such a huge pizza before. It’s like heaven on earth! We had only eaten half of the pizza when Jacob got a phone call. He apologised and left the table. Jacob went outside but didn’t take his jacket. Suddenly, he disappeared. He didn’t walk away, he was gone. One second he stood outside and then he was gone. It was like magic. But of course, there is no such thing. I closed my eyes and shook my head. When I opened my eyes again, Jacob was back. Did he really disappear or is it just my imagination? The rest of the date was kind of a blur for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about Jacob’s disappearance. What’s happening to me?

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