Surviving The Distance

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  • Published: 13 Apr 2018
  • Updated: 26 Apr 2018
  • Status: Complete
Two souls on fire.
He's just a beautiful boy,
With a beautiful soul.
She's just a pretty girl,
With a pretty soul.
Whatever their souls are made of,
His and hers are the same.
And together,
They will,
Survive the distance.


25. Say You Love Me

I never feel like this,

I’m used to emptiness,

In my heart

And in my arms

You’re not what I'm used to

You keep me guessing,

With things that you do

I hope that they’re true

Because I’m never

Going heal my past

If I get hurt every time,

It starts to heal. 

So I need to know,

If I’m in this alone.

Come on baby.

I need to hear you,

Say those words.

If I’m all that you desire,

I promise there’ll be fire.

I need to hear you.

Come on baby.

Do your worst.

Do your best.

I know you’ll take me higher.

So come on darling.

If you love me,

Say it.

I know you’re right for me.

But I’m waiting for everything in your world.

To align with my world.

I think of you while I sleep.

I dream of what we could be if we grow,

Together unfold.

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