Surviving The Distance

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  • Published: 13 Apr 2018
  • Updated: 26 Apr 2018
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Two souls on fire.
He's just a beautiful boy,
With a beautiful soul.
She's just a pretty girl,
With a pretty soul.
Whatever their souls are made of,
His and hers are the same.
And together,
They will,
Survive the distance.


26. Push Us Apart

They never knew your struggle.

You rose above the rubble,

Rather than live inside their bubble,

Rather than go through the trouble,

Of having they double-double vision corrected.

They just neglected to see. 

I've been thinking lately

Will the Devil take you?

Or will God protect us?

I know we're not perfect,

But they should respect us,

And what we want. 

They don't want us happy

They don't want to let us live

We're young.

We're foolish.

We've made bad decisions

I block out their words.

I turn my back on their words. 

We don't have a degree.

We're somewhat naïve.

We've made it this far on our own

But lately, this is what has been getting me higher

I lift up my head and the world is on fire.

There's dread in my heart and fear in my bones.

Sometimes I just don't know what to say.

I am me.

I'm a man.

I'm a sinner.

But understand,

We all are.

So when it comes to passing judgments,

I don't think that you're the one to make the call

Heaven wanted to cast her out for being herself. 

I know there's others like us that'll break the fall

I know you hate us

And just can't relate at all

If I'm the first one to the line,

That's fine,

I'll take it all.

Long as you don't,

Lay it on her. 

I'm not perfect,

But she's knows,

I'm worth it

I'm alive.

I deserve her

I been praying,

And I'm not playing.

I don't think you hear the words that I'm saying

I don't think you know the weight on our shoulders

That gets heavier,

The farther you push us apart. 

I know you want, 

To protect, 

Your baby girl,

But let me tell you, 

She's my whole d*mn world. 

And you left her own her own, 

To defend for her own home. 

That's how I found her, 

And I plan on keeping her. 

She's mine. 


I pray that you hear me


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