Surviving The Distance

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  • Published: 13 Apr 2018
  • Updated: 26 Apr 2018
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Two souls on fire.
He's just a beautiful boy,
With a beautiful soul.
She's just a pretty girl,
With a pretty soul.
Whatever their souls are made of,
His and hers are the same.
And together,
They will,
Survive the distance.


38. Please Don't Leave Me

I remember how it went down. 

We had been fighting. 

We had been crying. 

You had been so sad. 

Things were going south.

You were at home. 

All alone. 

I was hours away. 

You were fighting,

Your families demons, 

And your own.

Trying to survive,

While falling into pieces. 

I remember getting the call. 

8 in the morning. 

Mom woke me up. 

Said you were waiting,

On the phone. 

When I answered,

You were there.

I hadn't heard from you in days. 

I had known something had been wrong. 

Then you told me,

How it all went down. 

I tried to breathe.

But you had tried to stop. 

Loving and fighting

Accusing and uniting

I can't imagine a world with you gone.

The joy and the chaos.

The demons we're made of.

I'd be so lost if you left me alone.

Can you hear me screaming "Please don't leave me!"?

Hold on, I still want you!

Come back, I still need you!

Let me take your hand, I'll make it right.

I swear to love you all my life.

Hold on, I still need you!

A long endless highway, 

A nightmare I can't escape from.

Helplessly praying,

The light isn't fading.

Hiding in the shock and the chill in my bones.

They took you away.


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