Surviving The Distance

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  • Published: 13 Apr 2018
  • Updated: 26 Apr 2018
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Two souls on fire.
He's just a beautiful boy,
With a beautiful soul.
She's just a pretty girl,
With a pretty soul.
Whatever their souls are made of,
His and hers are the same.
And together,
They will,
Survive the distance.


42. Messaging

Her: Hey handsome.

Me: Hey beautiful.

Her: How are you doing babe?

Me: Good. You babe?

Her: I'm having a rough day. 

Me: What's wrong?

Her: So this guy last night I was checking out asked me to split a 10 for him. So I did. He handed me a five back. So I thought I had given him an extra five. Then he smiled and said for your lunch tomorrow and walked out before I could do anything. Mom and Dad found out this morning because I told Grandma about it. She told Mom. Mom called Dad. And they're all ticked off at me because I took money from a customer. And it's just a bunch of bullshit. Why do they even care? It's not like ever at home anyways! I'm just upset that they're upset with me.

Me: It's all right. They're just being ridiculous.

Her: Aren't they always? 

Me: Yeah 

Her: Ugh. I cannot wait to move out. Then I don't have to constantly beg for acceptance and approval on every single d*mned little thing. 

Me: Almost there.

Her: I know. Then I can spend as much time with you as I want. 

Me: Sounds good.

Her: It really does. So how great does my customer service voice sound when I answer the phone?

Me: Yep.

Her: You're not paying attention to this conversation *sshole. You didn't answer the question. Sorry I called you an asshole. I didn't mean it. 

Me: You sounded great.

Her: So what are you up to this weekend?

Me: Idk.

Her: Oh. Okay. 

Me: What about you?

Her: Probably work. 

Me: Bet that'll be fun.

Her: Sure.

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