Alex Fierro and Magnus Chase. Spoilers!


1. Chapter 1

"Mmf" Alex said waking up to the sunlight from his atrium. No the walls around the room were tan. this wasn't his room. Which meant...                                                                                                                                          

"Alex?" Magnus groaned. the boy's blonde hair falling in his eyes.                                                                            

"Maggie what I'm I doing in your bed" Alex said, looking at the boy's bare chest.                                                  

"it's fine, we were watching movies and you fell asleep, you looked so peaceful so I didn't wake you." Magnus said brushing his hair out of his eyes.

"you do realize what the others will think..."

"I know, but we've been together for a month now" Magnus said looking at the obvious worry on Alex's face. "hey" he said calmly "hey" he said cupping his hand against Alex's cheek. Alex tensed up for a second but then relaxed and smiled. "it's gonna be-" Alex's lips were on his before he could finish the sentence. "Alex!" Magnus said, surprised. "that was... sudden"

"Have you met me?" Alex said with a smirk. "you do realize you just kissed a boy..."

"Yeah, but I liked it" Magnus said smiling.

"gods your so cheesy" Alex said laying his head on Magnus' chest.

"you know you love it" Magnus said


There was a nock on the door. "you in there Beantown?" It was Mallory Keen "its almost ten and we haven't heard anything from you or Fierro..."




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