Mediocre Poetry by Amber

Some people wanted to read my, mediocre at best, poetry from various courses in secondary school and university. Here they are xx


5. Sestina Poem

15 March 2018

His face came to me in a dream,

those eyes so cold, so blue.

His smile was forced,

telling me the words I wanted to hear.

With an abrupt start I wake,

the dream haunting from the shadows.


I avoid the whispers of his voice in the shadows.

He's not here, he still loves me, it was just a dream.

Though I am awake

those words I continue to hear,

why, oh why, was he so blue?

Is his real love for me forced?


When we meet that day I listen for a tone that's forced,

but what is that I hear?

Love, I find nothing but love in his shadows.

Still my doubts remain, surely this is but a daydream.

This must be a mirage, he must be truly blue.

Please, I need to wake.


But still I don't wake.

He continues to speak in a tone not forced

and his attitude is everything but blue.

He's hiding nothing in the shadows,

I'm not dreaming,

but the voices still scream loud for me to hear.


"He can't love you here,

not in reality, you're not his dream.

He's going to wake

and see your shadows,

and then he'll be forced

to leave you blue."


With doubtful woes I tell him of my blue.

He throws my uncertainty into the shadows.

"Can't you hear?

Why would my love be forced?

You, my love, are not dreaming."

And with a kiss to the lips, my body awakens.


I can't wake from this dream,

because dream there is not.

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