Mediocre Poetry by Amber

Some people wanted to read my, mediocre at best, poetry from various courses in secondary school and university. Here they are xx


3. Pink and Plump

21 March 2018


Lips so pink and plump.

Kissable, adorable, so pleasurable.

In my throat I swallow a lump.

Nervous, ravenous, so delirious.

You lean in and I get goosebumps.

Excited, delighted, so elated.

Our lips they bump.

Careful, flavourful, so masterful.

My heart, quickly it thumps.

Intoxicated, elevated, so liberated.

You pull away, my shoulders slump.

Discomfortable, inconsolable, so miserable.

I'll miss those lips, so pink and plump.



I wrote this in a night. I can't tell if it's trash, or actually good. You tell me xx


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