Mediocre Poetry by Amber

Some people wanted to read my, mediocre at best, poetry from various courses in secondary school and university. Here they are xx


1. He Doesn't Even Know

19 March 2018


He doesn't even know I exist.

To him, I'm just a mere face in a crowded room.

He stares out into the abyss,

watching confident girls scream lyrics off a invisible teleprompter.

He can't rest his eyes on me,

they're just two grey dots

in a sea of a thousand different rainbows.

He may not see me, but I see him

in all his fame and glory.


He stands five-eleven with tousled brown hair

and a smile worth equal his net worth.

His fashion like Jagger and voice like Mac.

He's too perfect in my eyes,

too precious for this world.

I'm five-seven with curves for days,

not a boy interested in sight.

My fashion boho and voice sub-par.

Hopefully I'd be beautiful in his eyes,

too special to be let go.


I wish he could see me

the way that I see him.

He was there for me when no one else was.

When the world would drag me down

he'd be there to pick me up.

It's crazy the impact he's made

when there's been nary a word exchanged between us.

Must be why I'm so desperate to tell him,

show him the change he's made in me

and hope he cares the way I wish he does.


But at the end of the day he still won't know of me.

I'll remain a blur of flesh in his copper coloured irises.

He'll move on, onto the next city,

leaving me behind in this concrete jungle.

I'll still be here, watching on

with my heart in my throat and tears in my eyes.

He tells me to stop my crying,

but it's the worst pain ever felt

knowing he doesn't even know I exist.



Background on Poem: Some of you may have already guessed that I drew inspiration from one Harry Styles. I'm aware his eyes are green not copper, and he's slightly taller than five-eleven. I wrote this for my university Creative Writing class and one stipulation of my professor's Do's and Don'ts of Writing is green eye colour is too widely used, so I changed it.

Hope you enjoyed this first poem xx


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