Rewrite the Stars

Sophia comes from a rich, high class family. Her father is a world renowned brain surgeon, and expects his daughter to follow in his footsteps. However, Sophia's true passion is to sing.
Jake, on the other hand, does not have money and lives in a very small, bare apartment. His mother is sick and isn't able to work, so the only way they are able to get by is through Jake's music. He busks in the street for money, and occasionally plays small gigs in bars.
This is a story of what happens when two completely different worlds collide.


Author's note

~copyright note~
Since a lot of this story revolves around music and songwriting, I will be mentioning some song titles throughout the story. I'll use songs that exist in real life in various points in this story if they fit into the scene. Obviously this is fiction, I'm not trying to claim that these songs are actually my own.
Example - 'Fix You' by Coldplay was mentioned as one of Jake's original songs. In this story, the lyrics were written for his mother.

1. Broken Dreams

Sophia’s POV


It was 8am on a miserable Monday morning. I stood in the mirror and looked at myself for a while; my long, dark hair draping down my shoulders messily and my eyes puffy. They were glistening a deep blue colour. They always did that after I’d been crying. I had cried myself to sleep the night before, which was quickly becoming a much more regular occurrence. The deadline for university applications is closing in and my father keeps nagging me to send it; I’m supposed to be applying for a degree in medicine. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I don’t want to do it. He just doesn’t understand me. I've also been hiding the fact that I've written other applications. Ones for music schools. You see, what I truly want is to sing. It's the only thing in my life that brings me joy and calms me when I'm sad. Music is my passion. But if he knew that, he'd be so bitterly disappointed. In fact, he would never allow it at all. He's a famous, world renowned brain surgeon and he wants me to follow in his footsteps.

After staring at myself blankly in the mirror for a few minutes, I reach for my face wipes on my dresser to take off my makeup, as it was smudged all around my eyes. I rushed to make myself look more presentable before being called down by my mother for breakfast.

A voice from downstairs shouts "Sophia, come and get your breakfast please."

"Coming!" I reply. 

I run down the grand staircase and into the dining room, where my parents and little brother are already seated.

"Good morning, sweetie." My mother said, smiling at me while cutting into her plate of pancakes.

"Morning." I reply, trying to force a smile back.

My father was at the top of the table, in his work uniform, reading a newspaper. He didn't acknowledge my presence; or anyone's presence for that matter. After a few moments of awkward silence as we all ate our breakfast, he finally lowered his newspaper and looked over at me.

"Sophia, have you sent your application yet?" He asked sternly.

"Um, well.." I stutter back. "Not yet...I'll do it later."

"You will do it straight after breakfast. The deadline is in 3 days and you have been putting this off for far too long now. You have to start growing up and thinking of your future now."

I just nod in silence. My heart sinking so low into my stomach, I feel as though I could be sick. 


Half an hour later, my father brings his laptop over to the table and places it where I am sitting. 

"Send it, Sophia. Now."

I obey his orders; typing in my log in details and opening the university application website. There was nothing I could do at this point. He was standing behind me, watching. He wouldn't leave until it had been done. I sighed and clicked *send*.

"Thank you." He said, putting his hand on my shoulder. "You will no doubt get offers from every university with your application. Especially given you are my daughter." He laughs.

I just fake a smile back at him, secretly trying to hold back my tears. 

"I have to go to work now, but your mother will take you out shopping today. You need some nice new clothes for your interviews." He says as he walks towards the door. He turns back and looks at me just as he's about to leave and says "Soph, you know I love you so much. I'm only hard on you because I want you to succeed."

"I love you too, dad." I smile back as he walks out the door.

The door slams shut, and my smile fades. My heart breaks.

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