I won't fall in love

My name is Camilla. Not Ca-meal-uh. Cuh-mill-uh. Such a simple name. I hate when people know they're saying my name wrong but say it that way anyways. Like a pet name? Luke. Easy name. People can say his name very easily. That probably helps, when all those girls moan his name in bed with him. He disgusts me. He DOES disgust me... Right?


1. Luke Hemmings

Camilla's P.O.V

"Look at her.  She's got some nice curves." "Hot damn!  Look at that ass!" "She's got some nice breasts."

All words coming from the mouth of Luke Hemmings.  I sit next to him in math class.  Lucky me.  He sleeps with at least two different girls every week.  He's so terrible.  Besides that sexy dirty blonde hair and those ocean blue eyes, he's terrible.  The bell rings so I walk out of the classroom and head over to my locker.


  "Why can't I find my notebook?  Damn." I think to myself when my locker door suddenly slams closed.

"Hey sexy.  You looking for something" Luke said with an arrogant smirk on his face.  "You almost

smashed my fingers, asshat." I said, trying to sound as bitchy as I could.

"Damn.  I see you haven't changed." "Neither have you."


Luke and I have some history together.  I was his first hookup, and he was mine.

We were dating and one night things got heated.  I was over at his house, studying, and I was about

to get up and leave so I quickly kissed him, but then we started making out.

He caressed his hands through my hair and I felt safe.  He told me he loved me,

and I think he did.  I think he thought he did, at least.  I told him having sex wasn't gonna be a regular thing

for us, and after a couple weeks he broke up with me.  After that my best friend, Gillian, asked

me if I heard what people were saying about Luke.  As you can probably guess, he hooked up with some

random girl.  And another.  And ever since that, there have been more and more girls.

He lets some unfortunate girls go back for seconds.

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