Siren’s Cove

A young girl name Serenity almost drowns in the ocean while playing on a marina pier of Crystal Cove, she accidentally falls overbroad the deck and somehow meets a mermaid that saves her life. Ever since then she has been obsessed with ocean life and swimming, she has learned to swim and join the local competitive swimming team to get over her fear of drowning, one day she swims in the ocean to find that mermaid that saved her life. Years later she works a marine biologist assistant at the local aquarium for a high school internship, she would love to visit a secret island called Siren's Cove that is a couple of miles away from the coastline of the small town. Soon she will find out some secrets from her past and even family deep secrets.

Copyright All Rights Reserved Jmarie Freiberg ©


1. Note


    Hello, thanks for clicking on my new novel. don't worry it coming soon...


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