The Last Night

This story was an assignment in my English class, but I really like it. If you are looking to reading a short, funny and somewhat mysterious story. This story is for you!


1. Story One

I remember my friends not believing me about what I said about the haunted building we went to. I told them bad things happened and they did not believe me and they regret that still to this very day. They will always believe what I said then and never question it.


The night was cold, there was a stillness in the air and the moon was full. The streets were empty, there were no tour groups, with the exception of us. The small town of Virginia City, Nevada has been derelict since the 1870's. The town was massive with over 25,000 people living in it until a sudden decline of people in 1870's. My friends Johnathan, Alice, Mia, Lina and I decided to go there on the Halloween of 2016. There were no tours being shown in the town. That did not stop us though!


When we got to the derelict town a cold chill went up all of our backs. It was like someone was already watching us even though we knew we were alone. We all got out of the car and got our “Safety bags” out of the trunk. The Safety bags included 2 bottles of water, 1 flashlight with extra batteries, candy, and our cell phones.


The first place we all wanted to go to is the Washoe Club, which once was a brothel. I told them about it on our way to the town. There were three known entities who lurked the staircases and rooms of the Washoe Club. The first was a young girl who was killed by a predator in the basement. Then Lena, a young blonde girl employed at the brothel, who was murdered in one of the third-floor rooms in the 1870's; and the man who killed Lena, who then took his own life on the second floor.


All my friends thought it was fake and just laughed about it and I laughed too, but I knew that it was not just to scare people off. We went to the haunted club and my friends just stood there for a minute tapping their feet. They started laughing at me and they left me on the first floor. I put my safety bag on the ground and I got out my flashlight. I put the bag back on my back and I started walking slowly on the creaky floor. I heard my friends, in the distance, pushing and shoving each other. They ran down the old staircase, as they reached the bottom I notice one of the three of them was gone. I asked where she was and the other two seemed like they didn't care much and walked out. I paused for a moment then shrugged my shoulders and I kept walking on. I had the feeling there was something nearby touching my arm, breathing on my neck. I pretended it must be the cold air from the broken windows. I heard a quick movement and I called out to my missing friend. I heard nothing in response. I began telling myself it's just my mind playing tricks on me. I see that there are two staircases, one going up and the other going down. I first chose to go downstairs into the basement.


When I got into the basement I saw three stalls. The stalls all had one table and two chairs in them plus an ashtray. Then in the corner of the room, I remember I saw a square hole and in that hole was a big pot that went down into the ground. I wanted to find out what it was. So I grabbed the rope and started pulling up the big pot. One of the scariest things I recall about that trip is what I found in that pot. I reached my hand into the pot and I felt something lumpy. My mind was in shock when I looked to see dry organs in the pot. I backed away and lifted my hand out of the pot and I had what looked to be fresh blood, but I questioned, How could there be fresh blood on dry organs?


Before I could process the answer to my question, I heard an ear-piercing scream. I screamed, “Lina” as loud as possible. She screamed, “Help! Help! Help! Please, someone, help me! I have a knife in my chest!” Without hesitation, I ran upstairs to find where her screams had been coming from. I didn't see her. In my mind, I was losing it thinking about what could be happening to her. I flashed my flashlight on the walls and corners of that big room. In the furthest corner of the room, I saw a ghastly figure looming. This terrifying figure had black eyes and a sewn up mouth. I froze in my tracks, I tried not to move a muscle. Seeing the figure made my heart stop beating. I whispered, “Lina, is that you?”


The figures head moved to the side really fast and started moving forward. I was still frozen, I wasn't able to move until my flashlight died and the room went black. I heard, “Run!” I had to process it for a minute but when it registered, I dropped my bag and with it, my only way of contacting people. I ran to the stairs and something grabbed me back. My only option was to go up to the third floor. In the distance, I heard someone or something call my name. I tripped over something on the floor. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I realized what I had fallen on. There lay Lina on the ground with blood everywhere. My eyes filled with tears. Before I could even begin to cry two new figure plus the one I already saw were standing over me and my bloodied friend staring straight down at us. The two on either side held a lit candle and the one in the middle held a huge blade. The scary figure in the middle said, “This is your fate”, pointing to my friend, “any last requests?”


I rose from where I lay and replied, “Just let me go, please!” “You won't get away,” he said, “but if you let us kill you without a struggle then we will let your other friends leave unharmed.”


My request was to write a letter to Johnathan, Alice, Mia and my parents explaining what happened to me and to let my parents know that I loved them. The deal was made.


To this day, I do not regret my sacrifice. I will always believe that I did the right thing for my friends who did not believe me. My spirit will be forever locked on Earth. As for my friends, they will always regret going there instead of a local haunted house.


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