The Masked figure

A young girl meets this mysterious redhead. When she meets him her whole life turns upside down. Her mom disappears and Snowdrop is going to find her! She follows clues to try to find her mom and discovers a chilling past between her mother, father, and Mr. Brown.


2. December/23/1823

Dear Diary,

    I start my mom’s homeschooling today. I’m nervous; what will she teach me that I don’t already know by reading books. Though my mom can’t read because my Father never taught her but he did teach me. I went to the library to be taught by Mrs.Willson. She teaches math and English, how she knows to teach is because her dad was a teacher and she became a homeschooling teacher like my mom wants to be. I don’t know why mom won’t just go to her and learn. From just looking up books I’ve learned about my great, great grandmother Sarah.

    I was really surprised that I was related to royalty, but it was on my dad’s side.

    I miss father, he died when I was only five. Eleven years ago. My mother said, “She always loved him and will never love another.” Intel Mr. Brown came to town...

    He came to town six years ago. I don’t like him because he can never take my father’s place, plus he is too snobby for my liking. I only love one dad and that’s Carl James Forman! He taught me a lot of stuff; like how to read, write, speak fluent English, play and love people for who they are. I can’t love any one as much as father.

                                                                             Father, Sweet, Father.

    When I go down stairs, in a lilac gown with a piece of ribbon in my hair Mother points out that my black shoes do not go with my outfit. She made me change them to white. Before I went to change them I say, “But mother we aren’t going anywhere why would it matter.”

    Mother replies, “Who told you we weren’t?”

    I say, “Fine I’ll go change my shoes”

    When mother says,” Thank you, darling.”

   I go upstairs to my room and get my white pair of shoes. As I start putting my shoes on I think, mother has fifteen pairs of shoes and why do I only have two? I go back down stairs to the living room.

Mother says, “You look so much nicer than you did before thank you for changing.”

    I reply, “Your welcome mother.” And no other words come out of my mouth.

   As my mother puts on her hat and scarf she sees a mouse. I swear Mr. Brown is outside our door because he is the only one who heard. When I think about it…

   That’s weird that he would be outside our door. Uninvited! Mr. Brown is a creepy, strange, and mysterious man maybe that is why he is so attractive in my mother’s eyes.

    Mr. Brown says, “What do you need Ms. Forman?” Mother replies, “Oh Mr. Brown can you please get that rat out of my house?”

   Then like that the mouse was caught and died. If I didn't know better, I would think Mr. Brown was a witch. Though that’s crazy talk that makes me feel crazy. If someone heard me say that they would burn me on a stake. Actually they don’t do that anymore at least I don't think they do.

   After that rat was gone my mother says, “Well your training will start tomorrow I got that Fear scared out of me today, and I prefer not to do anything today.”

    I say in my head, “Why would a sixteen-year-old want to do women training to be an adult. I mean to me you are not an adult till your twenty. I prefer to not think about that for a while. I really want to be free to be who I want to be. And the only person that would be is father”.

    I guess that’s support to be that way though right?

   I walked to the park. I see Lancelot and I swear my life stopped turning I know I don’t know him but I feel like I love him and know him so well when I don’t. I would ask dad if this is what loves feels like.

   I walk over and he smiles and says, “I was hoping you would be here.”

 I smile back and I say, “I was hoping you would be here. How are you, Lancelot?”

“Oh I’m not doing so fine actually; my great-grandmother is at home sick, she is the one who takes care of me because my father isn’t the best one right now and my mother’s kind of “gone”.

I’m sorry to hear that Lancelot.”

He pats me on the back, “It isn’t your fault she’s old and will die eventually. I just wish it wasn’t so close to her time to pass on to a better life. I will do something important at a later time and I will need her advice.

I wish you were not so sad, but I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you for being such a good friend, Snowdrop…”

I smile then he smiles.

I say, “I have to be wed someone I do not like.

So do I”, he says while nervously looking at the ground.

“Do you know who it is?”

          I look at the ground and I try to hold it in. I hate the person! If I had a say in who I would marry it would be anyone, but Mr. Brown’s son! His son his so arrogant and entitled! I mean if you are the “only” child I guess you can be that way, but he isn’t. Mr. Brown has three sons? One is in his mid-twenties, his name is Tim. Then there’s Bryan who is my age, I think…

Then there is the unknown child. Mr. Brown says it is just a rumor that all the jealous maidens made to make Mr. Brown’s wife leave him.

“Snowdrop? Snowdrop!” Lancelot stands there snapping his fingers.

“Are you ok?”
I go back to reality and I say, “I am sorry, I kind of just blacked out.

Are you sure you are ok, we don’t have to get help do we?”

I nod my head yes. Then I hear the town’s clock ring.

I have to go! I wish we could talk more, but we can’t! I’m sorry.”

          I run away and I hear footsteps from all directions, but I don’t see anything. Then I hear a voice deep, and mysterious say, “I am coming for you run faster!”

          I’m getting so scared.


Then BAM! Lights Out!

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