The Masked figure

A young girl meets this mysterious redhead. When she meets him her whole life turns upside down. Her mom disappears and Snowdrop is going to find her! She follows clues to try to find her mom and discovers a chilling past between her mother, father, and Mr. Brown.


1. December/22/1823


Dear Diary,

    I was sitting in the park; it’s a cold winter day in New Holland. Like any day, the trees were dark compared to the white patch of snow on the bright green grass. I saw something stand out on the snow and it wasn’t the trees or the bright sun. It was a red-headed man, maybe at the age of eighteen, his cheeks as red as roses. He was just walking around the old fountain, where the water was frozen. He looked at my pale skin and dark black hair. He walks over to me and gives me a short smile; I see his bright, white teeth. I smiled back; he asks politely, “what’s your name madam?” Well, my name is Snowdrop and yours?” The man replies, “My name is Lancelot.” In my head, I think wow what a nice name for a redhead; you don’t get a lot of names like that anymore. I look at the clock on the big building. ”its way past the time I must be home!” He asks,” Will I ever see your pretty face again?” I smile, “I hope so” I whispered. Then I run off.

    When I get to my house I open the Iron Gate and I yell “Mother! Mother!” She pokes her head out the kitchen window and says,” Where have you been? It’s way past your curfew!” “Well mom, I had the best time talking to this man… Snowdrop! What have I said about talking to strangers?” I think about that for a moment. I reply,” Don’t talk to strangers unless you want to be killed or tricked.” That’s my girl now anyway go to the closet and get your apron on so you can help me cook.

    When I start helping my mom cook she asks me to go to Mr. Brown’s bakery. So I go outside and I hop on my horse. He’s not in a very good mood so I won’t make him go fast but he’s a good horse. I have had him since I was a six-year-old girl.

    After about an hour of being out, we finally got to Mr. Brown’s Bakery. I ask for a loaf of his newly baked bread with a swipe of butter on it.

    “Oh ho here’s some newly baked bread from about thirteen minutes ago”, he replied.

     I take the bread and I wrap it up in some old cloth to keep it warm. After I thanked Mr. Brown I hoped on my horse and I was off to my home. Since it takes such a long time to ride on Darknight, my horse; I just decided to skip telling you my ride home because it was pretty boring. But I’m pretty sure someone was following me.

    After dinner I went to my room upstairs, which has a fireplace in it though; I don’t know if in the future people will have things like I do. The past isn’t always boring though. I farm to grow flowers and stuff like that. I also get to go to the mayor’s parties even though I’m sixteen. The mayor’s parties always have the best roles and meats.

    Enough about the mayor’s parties! Christmas is coming up. This is really exciting. Though I never really get anything but my mom does. She takes care of me so she deserves all she can get, though I do wish to get a new instrument.

    I keep thinking about what was following me but I have no idea who would be praying around for a girl like me at night time. I’m a nice girl who keeps to herself. I wonder if it has to do anything with my Father. He liked to be called Father by everyone even by his assistant. Father’s dead now, so I hardly think about it.

​ ​

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