Cities in Peril

When Calatonia and Zootopia are in danger of facing an illegal recession, ZPD Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde bring in Johnny on the case. But when he goes undercover, will he stay focus on the case or get distracted and put his families and friends and the cities into risk?


10. Quarry Showdown

Johnny knew that it wasn’t looking good for him and his fellow intern students as the security guards pushed them through the dangerous quarry. It was scary enough just looking at it without walking on it. It was so unstable that Johnny felt that he could fall to his death already. His mom took his phone from him and put in her handbag so he couldn’t call for help, but if Judy or Nick tried to call on it, he hoped they would at least manage to trace his phone and come to their rescue. They were all tied up in ropes and were standing at the quarry edge. Even their feet were tied together so that was why they couldn’t run from them or the quarry.

            “I really loved you, Johnny,” Molly said.

            Johnny scoffed angrily. “Leaving my dad to teach me to become a criminal and then trying to kill me and these students less than two weeks after we met might be your idea of love but it’s not mine.”

            “Then you’re even more stupid than I thought,” Molly said. She clicked her fingers and her guards went forward. “Push them over and get the diggers ready to bury them!”

            As he saw the guards approached towards him and the interns followed by three diggers, Johnny took one last deep breath and closed his eyes as he waited for his death to come. All he wanted was to say goodbye to his dad, Judy, Nick and most of all Ash. He wanted to see and apologize to her for saying she was as bad as her ex boyfriends.

            “HALT IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!”

            Johnny woke up and was delighted to see Judy and Nick appearing in front of the guards and the diggers. When the bad guys didn’t stop, they held out their badges.

            “You are all under arrest!” Judy shouted again. “Let these interns go and this doesn’t have to get any messier!”

            Molly just smiled. “How can just two small coppers such as yourselves even think you stop me and those diggers?”

            “It’s not just us,” Judy said.

            Then the guards and machines finally stopped moving when quills were landing in front of them.

            “What are you morons doing?” Molly shouted. “You’re scared of a bunch of quills?”
            “These aren’t just any ordinary quills,” Nick said.

            Johnny was amazed to see Ash running towards him and the interns, shaking her quills at the guards.

            “Don’t make me aim more quills closer to you,” Ash warned. “Just do what the police officers want and this will be over.”

            The guards that operated the diggers got out and joined the rest of the guards in putting their arms up.

            “You are going to take those trapped interns away from the edge and untie them,” Judy ordered. “And don’t try any tricks because Officer Wilde and I won’t like it.”

            She and Nick watched the guards do as they were ordered, but they were knocked down. When they got up, they saw that even Ash was knocked down. Everyone saw that the un-surrendering Molly was still holding Johnny at the edge.      

            “Molly Palm!” Judy shouted. “Let your son go or – ”

            “Hey, I’m holding the hostage so I make the demands here!” Molly yelled.

            Johnny gave up trying to break free, but not because she was too strong; it was because they were still on the edge and it was starting to crumb under their shoes.

“Now you are going to let us go,” Molly said to the others. “Then you will – ”

“Molly?” Johnny said.

“Not now, you big brat!” Molly didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that Johnny called her by her name instead of ‘Mom’.

“Molly, if we don’t move, both of us will go over!” Johnny tried to warn her.

“Good try, Johnny,” Molly said, “but you can’t fool me with – ”

Then she started to fall over, still holding onto her son.

“Johnny!” Judy cried.

“JOHNNY!” Ash yelled.

She tried to run after him, but Nick and Judy held her.

“Let me go!” Ash yelled. “I need to help him!”

“You can help us look for him after the cliff has stopped dropping!” Nick assured her.



When it finally stopped, Judy and Nick arranged everyone to search whole of the quarry. Though Judy was arranging the search around the heap of rubble that Johnny and Molly fell from, Nick took some volunteers with Ash among them to see if they survived and were elsewhere.

            After searching the whole quarry for a whole hour and found nothing of either gorilla, Judy and Nick felt that they had to give up, painful as it was. They were upset that they have lost their friend. Judy was beating herself up about failing to look after him, Nick felt that losing him was the biggest failure in his entire life and Ash was crying her eyes out again.

            “Hey, Officers, something’s moving under the rumble!” cried Laura.

            Everyone turned to see where she was pointing to. They saw rocks falling as a scoop raised up and a digger shooting out like a fired bullet. Then the door opened and everyone was amazed to see who came out.


            Everyone ran to hug him.

            “Thank you, thank you,” he said.

            Then he approached Judy and Nick. “I landed in this digger, Officer, and shut myself to avoid the falling rocks. I would have gotten out much sooner if the digger was working probably.” 

Then he was hugged by Nick and Judy.

            “We’re just glad you’re alive,” Judy said.

            “Yeah, that was some really clever thinking,” Nick said. “What about your mo – Molly?” Nick remembered that Molly was no longer Johnny’s mother as far as he was concerned. “When did you see her last?”

            “She rolled away from me and the digger,” Johnny reported. “I haven’t seen her since.”               

“Officers Wilde, Hopps,” a cow guard called, running from the giant heap. “We found Molly Palm and she’s not escaping.”

            As Judy and Nick ran to the heap, something caught Johnny’s leg. He looked down to see Ash was hugging him. He bent down and they hugged properly.

            “I’m sorry I yelled at you,” she sobbed happily. “I’m just glad to see you again.”

            “Me too. I’m sorry I yelled at you as well. And you are not like your ex boyfriends. You are ten times the porcupine they ever were and ever will be.” Then Johnny was blown away when his lips were greeted

            Then they saw Judy and Nick coming back.

            “I don’t know how to tell you this, Johnny,” Judy said, “but Molly is – ”

            “Dead?” Johnny guessed.

            And she was when he was shown only her arm hanging out of a pile of rubble. He didn’t know what to feel. On the one hand she was a ruthless gorilla who tried to kill him and rule the world, but the other hand told him that she was his mother and the only one he had. He held her hand one last time before he left her under the rubble.

            “Goodbye, Mom.”

            As they left the quarry, neither Judy, Nick, Ash, intern student or guard said a word to him.

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