Cities in Peril

When Calatonia and Zootopia are in danger of facing an illegal recession, ZPD Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde bring in Johnny on the case. But when he goes undercover, will he stay focus on the case or get distracted and put his families and friends and the cities into risk?


7. Mother and Son Time

Johnny was riding in Molly’s golden limousine. He had never been in a one before but always dreamed of riding in them. He would have enjoyed it and the large pizza he was having but his mind couldn’t help wondering if he was either being set up or being thrown into a trap.

            “Can I ask you a question, Mom?” Johnny asked.

            “You can ask me anything you like,” Molly said. “But let me guess. You want to know how we’re related to each, don’t you?”
            “Yes. It’s just that I haven’t taken a DNA test.”

            “Oh, yes, you have.”

            Johnny looked confused. What could she have taken of him before she even met him and how did she do it?

            “I took a fur sample from your head and I collected from the bathroom this morning while you combed yourself for today’s lessons. Then I had my private doctors check it out as quickly as possible and they have confirmed that you are my son.”

            Johnny had never been an expert on DNA or stuff like it and he still didn’t understand what Molly said or found it easy to believe. But he remembered not to blow his cover so he didn’t say anything. “Can I ask another one? Why did you leave my dad?”

            Molly sighed. “Well, your father and I loved each other very much. I was a bank robber like him and we made a great team. Then after you were born we grew apart. I was losing interest in robbing and I thought of different ways to get money like earning it and investing it, but your dad wanted to continue to rob with his friends. That’s why I had to leave you with him so I could make enough and be able to save you from his criminal life.”

            “Well, I haven’t been with him for some time,” Johnny said. Then he told Molly how his father tried to get him to join his gang but failed and how he unintentionally was responsible for them getting arrested and was now very close to trial. “I know it was his choice to be a criminal, but he’s still my dad and I’m trying to help him as much as I can.”

            “How very thoughtful of you, Johnny,” Molly said.



Johnny couldn’t believe what he saw when the limousine entered through a metal gate. He saw a massive garden with green grass, beautiful striking trees and a massive swimming pool. Then he was amazed when he saw the large building after he got out of the limo. It was a five-floor mansion made out of stone with many windows and a wooden door as tall as a tree. When he went inside, he was even more amazed. He liked the dining room, the kitchen, and the lounge with the piano for him to practice, the bathroom and more impressively his bedroom. It was bigger than any bedroom he could ever hope for. And the rest of the rooms were big enough to houses themselves.

            All this excitement tired him out. He was about to hit his bed until he saw his clock on the wall telling him it was eleven. When he got his phone out and started to call Nick, he saw that the fox hasn’t called him either. Neither did Judy. As he dialed, he wondered if he and Judy were out on a mission or the phone range was out.

            “Hi, there, Johnny boy,” Nick said.

            “Hi, Nick,” Johnny said. “Having a tough night?”

            “Tell me about it. Officer Hopps and I were busy with an apartment on fire. We were keeping the public away while the fire department put the flames out. They still hadn’t found what caused it to happen.”

            Johnny was horrified to hear about that tragedy. He had a hunch that the masterminds behind the virus could also be the ones who set the building on fire.

“So how are rehearsals going?” Nick asked. “Are you coming home soon?”

            “Well, I’ve finished for tonight but I’m not coming back tonight, Nick,” Johnny said. “You see, I’m at my mother’s home.”

            “Your mother’s home?” Nick panicked.

            Johnny explained how the Molly Palm approached him, told him that she was his mother, had a DNA test from his hair to confirm it and took him into her home. “I’m still confused about the whole thing, Nick. I’m only going along with this to see if there’s any clue to the virus hiding here. I’ve only had a tour tonight. It’ll take me about a week at least to check everywhere.”

            “Hmm,” Nick said. “Well, that would be useful. But be careful. Officer Hopps and I promised your dad that we would keep you safe.”

            “I know,” Johnny said. “And I promise this will be for investigation purposes only.”
            “Okay, well, see you tomorrow,” Nick said.

            As Johnny got into bed, he thought about everything happening at once to him. Working undercover at an internship, being in Gazelle’s band and now discovering that he was billionaire Molly Palm’s son. He would have thought how his luck was changing but he still couldn’t help thinking he could be walking in a trap or maybe he had walked into it already.

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