Cities in Peril

When Calatonia and Zootopia are in danger of facing an illegal recession, ZPD Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde bring in Johnny on the case. But when he goes undercover, will he stay focus on the case or get distracted and put his families and friends and the cities into risk?


9. Get Help!

Johnny tried his best to focus on his lessons at Palm Industries the next morning but everything going wrong in his life was getting the better of him. He felt that nothing could get worse so his fellow interns shouting at him didn’t bother him at all. When lunchtime came, he wasn’t hungry so he stood outside in the big garden on his own to clear his mind. Then he heard a strange knocking noise. He looked around but he couldn’t see anyone or anything there. He started to wonder if he was so depressed that he was starting to mishear noises as well as losing his focus. But the knocking noise returned and then another type of noise arrived.

            The sounds seemed to Johnny as if they were cries for help. They took him to the garbage room. He opened it and discovered it was unlocked. He looked around to check if there were no security guards about and he went in. As he continued to follow the knockings and cry for help, he was amazed to see that the garbage room had nothing in it at all let alone the garbage bins. He looked around the place and the noises were getting louder but couldn’t work out where they were coming from. They certainly weren’t coming from behind the bins as he checked them. But noises didn’t go away. He looked up to see if they were coming up above but it sounded to him that they were coming below him. He noticed the wooden floor he was standing on. He thought some of the planks were shorter than the rest and nailed. That gave him an idea.

            With his strength, Johnny grabbed one plank and lifted it up. He hoped no one heard him when he successfully freed it. When he looked down, he was shocked to see Laura the zebra and many other students down there. They looked dirty, hungry and quite ill.

            “Johnny, thank goodness you’re here!” cried Laura.

            “Laura, what happened to you all?” Johnny asked.

            “I know why Susan Palm trapped us in here,” Laura said. “We found information about the deadly computer virus she’s been spreading around the city of Zootopia so she can take over and rule it.”

            As Johnny pulled the other three planks off, he started to feel ashamed to be the son of Susan Palm. He barely knew her and hardly trusted her but he would never imagine his own mother trying to ruin Zootopia so she can build from scratch and rule it her way. He started to wonder if she had any intention to stop at this city or true to rule the whole world.

            “Where’s your proof?” Johnny asked the prisoners as he helped them out. “I know some police officers who can help us.”

            He was surrounded by iPhones and iPads. He was shown photos of the virus being created by Susan Palm herself on her own computer. He started to wonder about maybe being in his dad’s gang wasn’t so bad. All he ever wanted was just enough money for him and his son have a good life; he never wanted to rule a city like his mom did. He even wondered whether she left him or he left her.

            “Come on, let’s get out of here,” he told the students. He led them to the door, checked the coast was clear and he gave them the go ahead. But when they went to the entrance, he forced them to stop. Welcoming them was none other than his mother and her security guards.

            “Johnny, it didn’t have to be this way,” Susan said. “You could have stayed with me and become rich.”

            “I couldn’t live with what you’re doing,” Johnny said. He turned to see if anyone could make an escape. He saw a few moles and rabbits digging underneath. He just hoped that his mom and his guards didn’t notice them.

            Susan just smiled. “You’re even more pathetic than your father. At least, he was tough enough. You’re just a pathetic idiot. And I’m going to show you and your friends what I do to noisy idiots such as you lot.” She nodded to the security guards and they seized Johnny and the rest of the trapped prisoners.

            Johnny hoped the moles and rabbits would make their way to Judy and Nick as quick as they could.



Ash was sitting on a wooden bench in the park below her feet. She had been crying her eyes out since last night and hadn’t stopped. She was feeling guilty about how she took her frustrations out on Johnny. He was the closest person she had to a friend left in her life and she lost him. She had been wondering if what he shouted about her being as bad as Lance and her other boyfriends was true.

            “Help! Help!”

            She looked to see moles and rabbits with muddy clothes that appeared to recently pop up from the ground running approaching her.

            “Help!” they cried again.

“Our friend Johnny needs help at Palm Industries,” cried a rabbit.

            The mention of Johnny caught Ash’s attention. She ran to the moles and rabbits and calmed them all down. “Where’s Johnny? I’m a friend of his.” She hoped that at least.

            “He and plenty of other interns are trapped in Palm Industries.”

            “And what happened after that?”

            Ash, the moles and the rabbits turned to see Judy and Nick were behind them.

            Ash recognized them from the Tough Rock Bar and gave them a hard stare. “Well done for keeping Johnny out of harm’s way. If you hadn’t took him – ”

            “Look, Ma’am,” Judy said. “I don’t what your problem with Johnny is, but we really need to find out what these guys know. Nick, can you sort her out while I ask these moles and rabbits for information?”

            Nick approached Ash. “How much does Johnny mean you?”

            “Well, he’s a great friend. But last night we were contestants against each other at that International Cities Competition. I was on my own and he was with the famous Gazelle. I lost and he won. I took my frustrations out on him because I thought he betrayed me when he didn’t actually. I’ve been upset about it ever since and that is why I have to find him even if I have to do it behind your back.”

            Nick thought hard about it. He didn’t have time to argue so he finally said, “All right. You can come and help us but you will obey Officer Hopps’ instructions and mine, got it?”

            “Fine,” Ash said. Then she and Nick joined Judy and the escapees. After they showed them their proof of Susan Palm on their iPhones and told them that she was going to take Johnny and the rest of the prisoners somewhere, Judy got out her phone and tried to call Johnny so they could trace him. Everyone hoped they would get something, especially Ash who was hovering over Judy’s phone too much. There was a missed call, but Judy managed to track the phone from it. She was shocked to find Susan was taking Johnny and his friends to a quarry just three miles away.

            “What does she plan to do to them at a quarry?” Nick asked, as they headed in the right direction.

            “I bet she might enslave them,” a mole said.

            “Or maybe she’s going to bury them alive,” a rabbit said.

            “Either way, it can’t be good,” Ash said. “So let’s hurry!

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