Cities in Peril

When Calatonia and Zootopia are in danger of facing an illegal recession, ZPD Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde bring in Johnny on the case. But when he goes undercover, will he stay focus on the case or get distracted and put his families and friends and the cities into risk?


1. A Virus In Zoopotia

Officer Judy Hopps sighed and rubbed her furry face as she drove herself and her partner Officer Nick Wilde around Zootopia in their police car. There have been reports of many businesses getting shut down immediately all around the city but not because they were losing money or the employees were leaving. This had been going on for three weeks now. It was strongly rumoured to be some internet virus was the cause of all of this sudden unemployment. While the police computer department was looking online to track down who created the virus and what purpose it was created for, Chief Bogo sent most of his police officers, with Judy and Nick among them, to those that hadn’t been affected yet. He had a hunch that someone in the city was either trying to force rival businesses to close down in order for them to expand their own business or take over the city. Not to mention he was fed up of the new mayor of Zootopia calling him about when this case was going to be over and all he could say was: ‘We’re still working on it, Mr. Mayor.’

            Bogo gave Judy and Nick a special list. It contained the businesses outside of Savanna Central that had never been affected by this nameless computer virus. Though he never said so, it looked like the kind of work only trusted officers would do. They went to Cliffside Asylum first to check if any of the prisoners or the guards or the staff was doing any viruses at all. None of them did anything of the sort. In fact most of their computers had caught the virus and their IT workers were working day and night to prevent the rest of their computers getting the virus while trying to fix their already affected ones.

            The next place Judy and Nick searched was Tundratown but most of their business was out and the remaining ones were barely surviving. Then they tried the Department of Mammal Vehicles where they asked Flash how their business was doing. He replied as fast as he could which meant it took him three whole hours to explain and show that some of their computers were affected and how they were doing everything they could to not let the rest of their computers get affected. Judy meant no offense to the sloths, but they were slow enough without the crashed computers and she thought the only reason that the customers still kept on coming and waiting at the DMV was because it was the only one in Zootopia left working.

            It was six o’clock by the time Judy and Nick arrived back at Savanna Central. They got a call from Bogo saying that Jumeaux’s Café was the only business that the rest of the police officers had not checked yet in the central. He told them to investigate over there before they return to check out of the station.

            Nick was a little bit nervous for going in the cafe because he remembered the last time he and his partner Finneck went in they were nearly barred by Jumeaux himself because of him being a predator. But Judy encouraged him to join her in the café and they approached Jerry Jumeaux Jr. together.

            “How may I ask you what brings you here, Officer?” he asked Judy. Then he saw Nick and said, “Officers.”

            “We’re here to ask if you business is affected by this unnamed computer virus and if not why,” Judy told him. “All right if I take a look?”

            Jumeaux lifted the counter door and invited Judy to his office. “I haven’t been affected by the virus yet and I don’t know why. I have the latest anti-virus programmes and I’m not rivals with anyone…”

            While Judy and Jumeaux vanished, Nick sat in a chair and ordered a strawberry ice cream for himself and a mint ice cream for Judy and two cups of coffees for both of them. Then he got his phone out to check his messages and emails. Then he got a call from Clawhauser. “Hey, Clawhauser. How’s it been at the station?”

            “Still no progress here, Nick,” Clawhauser replied. “Found anything on your adventures?”

            “Not a single shred of evidence, pal,” Nick replied.

            “Actually, we found something or, to be more accurate, someone,” Clawhauser said. “As far as I’m aware, he’s not a suspect or a lead but he could be someone who can help with the case. His name is Johnny from Calatonia. He’s the son of a gang leader called Big Daddy.”

            Nick had heard of this Big Daddy and his gang getting arrested in Calatonia but there was nothing in the newspaper or on the internet about him having a son.

“We don’t know how much he was involved in the crimes the gang committed,” Clawhauser continued, “but he must be experienced enough to help you two with this case. I’m sending you a picture of him.” Then he rang off.

            Nick checked his emails and saw a photo of a young gorilla. When Judy came back and sat back down, he showed her the photo and told her about what Clawhauser told him.

            “Well, if he fits the bill, we could use him to get into Palm Industries,” Judy said.

            Palm Industries was Zootopia’s most power energy company. It powered eighty five percent of the city’s energy and its headquarters were heavily guarded by security guards. Even though Bogo and some officers went over there to check it out and didn’t find anything wrong, Judy still had a strong feeling that they were still hiding something and that sneaking into the headquarters was the only way to find out.

            “Well, I think we’d better not let the chief know about this,” Nick said.

            Judy knew what he meant. Bogo was fed up of her nagging him to let her and Nick go and check Palm Industries themselves when he checked them himself. She tried to tell him that she had her strong feeling about them hiding something during his visits to them, but he kept on saying that the CEO would sue the police for harassment if they kept paying them visits.

            They both agreed that the best thing to do was to go to Johnny and get him to help them find out who the CEO with the very low profile was because everything else the police was trying wasn’t getting them enough results.

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