Death is a Bunch of Flowers

College is strange enough. It's a new atmosphere for new attendees, but this college is even stranger. The main characters find themselves stuck in a murder mystery type of dilemma, with the only way to leave the scene destroyed. Their classmates are dropping dead, with an unknown reason, or killer, but one thing is for sure: the killer is not completely human.


3. Power in Purple Eyes

Nicole and Katelyn had finished their classes, exhausted from their first day. Nicole was laying in bed and reading a book, enjoying herself. Katelyn was taking a nap in her bedroom. 

Nicole looked up from her book when she heard a strange noise, much like a window being opened. She looked around the dorm for anything, but all the windows were shut-and locked. She got up and searched her bedroom, but I found nothing out of the ordinary. She figured it could be someone on a different floor, and sat down on the couch again, reading her book. 

She continued reading for a few minutes before she noticed a dark aura coming from somewhere. She looked up from the book and noticed it was coming from Katelyn's room. Slowly, Nicole stood and opened the door to her bedroom, peering into it through the darkness.

Katelyn was still napping, asleep soundly and blissfully unaware of the situation, but next to her bed was a large, dark figure. The figure had glowing white hair with black tips, large black wings tucked in behind it, ripped clothes that revealed it's gray skin, and was very muscular with a height of about six foot five. Settled in it's white to black hair were two black, spiraling horns. It was eerily staring down at her, as if observing her, or sizing her up.

Nicole gasped in surprise and fear, and stepped back, unsure of what to do. The figure turned to her once it heard her, and she could see sharp teeth in it's mouth, and glowing purple eyes. It stepped towards Nicole silently, raising it's clawed hands to strike her. Nicole shut her eyes and stumbled backwards, falling down as she tripped on her own feet. 

The figure, just as it was about to pounce on her, disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. Katelyn was standing on the edge of her bed, wide awake, and had her softball bat in her hands and over her shoulder. Her eyes were wide and her breathing was fast, alarmed. 

"Nicole, what happened?! What was that?!" she demanded to know, dropping her bat and helping her terrified friend stand. Nicole held onto Katelyn tightly, shaking with fear. 

"That-that was... a... a demon..." Nicole stuttered, looking up at Katelyn with wide eyes that were drowning in fear. Katelyn walked her to the couch and opened their Monsters and Creatures textbook, flipping through the pages to find a demon that matched what they just saw.

"Katelyn, draw a picture of the thing, since you're good at art... I'll look through the book," Nicole suggested, taking the book and flipping the pages quickly as Katelyn nodded, taking out a sheet of paper and some pens. She quickly drew a detailed picture of the creature as Nicole described what she saw, and just as the picture was complete, Nicole stopped at a page. 

The girls, huddled around the book, looked at the page of the demon that matched. The book told them that there was only two of those demons alive, with unknown identities, but potentially unlimited power, as nobody who encountered them had faced them the same ways, and some encounters were deadly.

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