Death is a Bunch of Flowers

College is strange enough. It's a new atmosphere for new attendees, but this college is even stranger. The main characters find themselves stuck in a murder mystery type of dilemma, with the only way to leave the scene destroyed. Their classmates are dropping dead, with an unknown reason, or killer, but one thing is for sure: the killer is not completely human.


5. Visited By No-Face

As the night crawled on, the girls were sound asleep in their dorms. They were not aware of the demon escaping, nor was anyone else. The time was around two in the morning when the lights through the dorms frantically flickered on and off, slowly waking every student. Suddenly, sharp screams of terror were heard in the dorms, starting at floor one, then one at floor two less than thirty seconds later, then floor three about the same time later, then four, then five. Nicole jumped out of bed and ran to Katelyn's room, slightly relieved to see her friend already with her katana in hand, ready to protect them. They waited for a few minutes after hearing the scream in the floor below them, wondering what happened, and if it would happen to them. They both had their eyes glued to the door, which is why they hadn't noticed the shadowy figure behind them, sitting on the bed. They noticed it when it pounced on them, tackling them and holding them to the ground.

Nicole shrieked and Katelyn gasped sharply in surprise, both promptly screaming in terror when the figure flipped them over, revealing a shadowy face. The only thing they could recognize was the glowing purple eyes, as the face was so dark a gray it appeared to be purely shadow. The demon grinned a horrifying grin, revealing the same sharp teeth they had seen before. The hair was a bright, almost glowing, white, and the tips were pitch black.

Nicole screamed again, terrified, and Katelyn had dropped her katana as she fell, so she attempted to push Nicole out of the way to keep her safe. The demon held onto both of them tightly, standing as he held them in the air by the collar of their pajama shirts. Both girls held onto the demon's wrist, trying to pull themselves away. Katelyn, the bolder one, kicked him in the jaw to try and get away. The only thing it did for her was cut the bottom of her foot, as his skin felt razor sharp. 

The demon said nothing, eerily silent, but held onto both of them tightly as he walked to the window, switching Nicole into his other hand. Holding both girls in one hand, he opened the window and began to climb the wall, carrying them up with him. He climbed up the entire way to the roof of the dorm, carrying the terrified girls with him.

As he reached the top, he tossed the girls onto the roof before climbing up himself, sending their bodies skidding across it before stopping about a foot away from him. Katelyn stood instantly, ignoring the sharp pain from her foot, and helped Nicole up as well. Nicole gripped Katelyn's arm tightly, clearly terrified, and they both looked up at the demon with terror in their eyes. 

The demon looked down at them calmly, slowly fading back to his human form. His horns, wings, extra height, purple eyes, and gray skin faded away, almost from nowhere. The human form looked down at them, raising his head. His skin was tannish, with faintly visible freckles dotting his nose able to be seen through the darkness of the night. His eyes were a bright, emerald green with a calming sense about them, nothing like the terrifying, fear-installing purple eyes he previously possessed. His hair was still white and messy, falling in front of the side of his face slightly. He wore the school uniform, showing he was a student, and the uniform was slightly dirty and rumpled from his previous encounter with the men in armor.

The girls looked up at him with shock, surprised in many ways. None of them had any words, not even knowing how to ask for the answers they wanted. 

"Hey, I... how do I say this... I saw you earlier, when you both were watching me put in the cell..." the demon began, answering one of the girls many questions as to why he wanted them. Katelyn slowly nodded as Nicole gripped her arm tighter. His voice was sort of calming, mellow, more bubbly than the average boy, and nothing like what they expected.

"Okay... so what if you did?" Katelyn replies for them, narrowing her eyes at the boy, who rubbed the back of his neck.

"God, I know this is awkward... but... why did you follow?" he asks them, looking at both of them.

"We wanted answers," Katelyn replies simply, causing the boy to raise his eyebrow in confusion. 

"We saw you-or, someone who looked like you-in our dorm a few days ago, and we wanted to find things out..." Nicole continues, finally able to speak. The boy nods and looks a bit ashamed.

"Yeah, sorry... that was me, but not really... my demon form is like it's own person, and we share this one body... when it comes out, I can't control what I do, or why..." he explains, slowly looking down at the ground in shame. Nicole, feeling bad for him, steps forward slightly and looks down at him, leaning down to catch his eye.

"Hey... don't feel bad... if it wasn't you, then you can't take the blame for it..." she tells him, standing back up as he raises his head. He blinks in surprise at the small girl.

"Wait... you're... forgiving me?" he asks, looking between the two excitedly. Katelyn pulls Nicole back and whispers something to her, then lets her go again.

"She says yes, but she's mad at you for cutting her foot," Nicole tells him, pointing down at Katelyn, who has sat down and pulled out medical tape to close the bleeding cut.

The boy instantly kneels down in front of her and takes the tape, wrapping her foot for her. Nicole sits next to her and watches, a bit surprised at how kind he is, and how well he can wrap wounds. When he's finished, he stands again and slips his hands into his pockets.

"Sorry about that... I hope I helped, I would feel awful if I just let you stay hurt..." he tells her, looking down at her. Katelyn stands up, a bit surprised still, but nods.

"Yeah, thanks, it did..." she replies, looking down at her foot, then back up at him.

Nicole smiles a bit, then remembers they don't know each other yet. "My bad, but we never were told your name..." she tells him, smiling politely.

"Oh, right, duh," he comments as he smacks himself in the forehead a bit. "My name's Travis, sorry about that."

"I'm Nicole, and this is my friend Katelyn," Nicole tells him while pointing to herself and Katelyn as she introduces them each. Travis smiles at each of them and nods politely.

"Nice to meet you girls," he replies as he offers his hand to them. Nicole shakes it politely, as does Katelyn. 

Out of conversation topics, they each look around awkwardly. Katelyn climbs on top of an electricity box, staring up at the stars and naming them, Nicole sits a few feet away from the edge of the roof and looks down at the city below them, and Travis leans against a chimney and daydreams. After a while, Katelyn gets bored of naming stars, which is her favorite pastime, and climbs down again, in front of the other two.

"Can we go down now?" she asks bluntly, causing Travis to look at her for a bit, then jump up. 

"Oh, right, yeah... sorry..." he apologizes again as he looks for a staircase, not wanting to endanger them with his demon side again. Instead, Katelyn climbs down the side of the building, not fazed by the danger, more by the height. She has a fear of heights, which is ironic, compared to her building-scaling skills. Nicole rolls her eyes and shakes her head as she finds a staircase, running to it and dashing down, with Travis behind her.

Katelyn naturally returns to the dorm first, climbing through the window inside and shutting it. Nicole ran in through the door from the hallway, panting from her run. As she turned to close the door, Travis was not there. The hallway was empty, with the lights on dimly. There was a small post-it on the floor, however, with a small smiley face on it. It was from Travis, no doubt.

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