Death is a Bunch of Flowers

College is strange enough. It's a new atmosphere for new attendees, but this college is even stranger. The main characters find themselves stuck in a murder mystery type of dilemma, with the only way to leave the scene destroyed. Their classmates are dropping dead, with an unknown reason, or killer, but one thing is for sure: the killer is not completely human.


8. Surprise, Surprise

Winter break passed quickly as Nicole and Dante returned, happily back from seeing their families. Unfortunately, though, they came back to a startling surprise.

The doors of the college let in cold air as waves of students entered again, discussing their break with friends as they returned to their dorm. Nicole entered her and Katelyn's dorm happily, ready to tell her all about her time. She saw Katelyn laying on the couch, with an anxious energy around her. 

"Hey Katelyn! How was your-" Nicole began as Katelyn sat up quickly, grabbing her by the shoulders.

"Travis is missing," was what she muttered to her friend with fear and anxiety in her eyes. Nicole stepped back in shock, a bit surprised. After the news made it through, she looked up into Katelyn's eyes seriously.

"What...?" she mumbled in shock, tucking loose hair behind her ears as she set down her bag. Katelyn nodded and sat back down, clearly shaken.

"We hung out one day, and I couldn't find him anywhere after it..." she mumbled as she looked down, a bit ashamed and fearful for him. Nicole sat next to her, fiddling with her fingers as she thought.

"Well... maybe we should ask a professor..." Nicole suggested, looking back up at her stressed friend. Katelyn made eye contact with her, a faint glimmer of hope igniting deep in her eyes, and she nodded. 

Before they could do anything, they heard a sharp scream in the hallway, followed by a loud thump. The girls rushed to the door, yanking it open as they looked down the hallway. Nicole gasped, pointing down the hall. They saw a girl laying on the floor, blood dripping from her mouth and trickling down to the scratchy carpeted floor. She had no visible injuries, except her face was frozen in a petrified expression. 

Katelyn ran over and checked her pulse, dropping her cold wrist instantly after. 

"Dead..." she announced softly to the crowd of students around her, who all gasped. Nicole ran up to her and lifted her up, holding her arm tightly.

"How?!" she exclaimed in shock, gazing down at the girl's body with wide eyes. Katelyn shrugged and backed her up a bit.

"I'm not sure... I can't see any physical injuries..." she informed her, staring down at the body with anxiety. "This is similar to what Travis did..."

Nicole's eyes widened in fear as she remembered it. "It is..." she mumbles in fear, stepping backwards into their room. "But... he said he wouldn't kill anyone..."

Katelyn lead her into their dorm and shut the door behind her, sitting on the couch. "He... he wouldn't do this... but, who else could?" she wondered out loud, thinking hard. Nicole sat next to her, grabbing her hand and squeezing it tightly. Nicole's phone lit up from a notification, and Katelyn looked down at it with her. It was a text from Travis, saying that he was in the lobby of the dorms

Suddenly, they heard a loud bang, from Nicole's bedroom. Katelyn bolted upright, staring towards her bedroom door as she pushed Nicole away, to try and protect her. The door swung open and revealed a demon, much like Travis, but much more menacing. His skin was dark gray, nearly black, with glowing purple eyes. His hair was white, but not like Travis's style, and had similar black tips. He was around six foot eight inches, with a bright ruby sword hanging from his side, loosely gripped in his hand. He didn't have an intimidating aura as Travis did when he was in his demon form. Instead, he had an evil, powerful aura that made the girls afraid.

They backed away together until they were against the wall, wide-eyed and afraid. The demon approached them quickly, until he was right in front of them, staring down at them intimidatingly. 

Katelyn held Nicole close and locked eyes with him, attempting to show she wasn't afraid by suppressing her fear. Nicole gripped her arm tightly, hiding her face in her shoulder. The demon hardened his glare at Katelyn, loosening her own stare and dropping her expression as he took control of her thoughts momentarily. 

"Searching... lobby..." she whispered, in the trance he had set her in. The demon smirked and dropped his control, grabbing both girls as Nicole screamed and Katelyn regained consciousness. He teleported them to the lobby of the dorms, tying them to the chandelier as they hung dozens of feet in the air. Nicole screamed again, terrified, and Katelyn avoided looking down by shutting her eyes.

Travis was in the lobby, as the demon had found out from taking Katelyn's control, and he was staring up at them in his form, glaring hard at the demon who took the girls. His purple eyes were boiling from rage, and fear. He had a similar red sword out, gripped tightly in his hand. 

"What are you doing here?!" he demanded, his voice more demonic than it was before. The larger demon smirked down at him evilly and flipped down from the chandelier, landing on his feet in front of him.

"I came to see you, son," he growled down at him, grinning cunningly.

The girls looked at each other in confusion. Of course it made sense, they were the same type of demon. But who was the other demon?

"As if you did, you came to see me dead," Travis snarled back, baring his sharp teeth defensively. The other demon merely chuckled, not intimidated in the slightest.

"Oh, yes, but not just you," he hinted as he pointed up to the girls, their ropes slowly unraveling. Nicole screamed again and clutched Katelyn tightly, who shrieked in alarm and held her close, her wide eyes darting around the room for some way to save them. 

"No! Don't you dare hurt them!" Travis yelled angrily, holding his sword up. The demon knocked it out of his hand and turned back to him as the metal clanked against the marble floors, skidding several feet away. 

"And why shouldn't I? They've been hiding you from me."

Katelyn kept looking around in case they would be put in danger again, eventually finding a way to toss Nicole and herself off the chandelier if she held on to the middle bar, and so they would land on the halfway landing of the stairs that wasn't too far away. She quickly whispered her plan to Nicole, who nodded but was still afraid nonetheless, as the two demons below them argued loudly.

"They kept me safe from seeing you again!" Travis shouted at him, turning to run for his sword. The demon grabbed him by the neck and held him up in the air, his narrowed eyes flickering in anger.

"Defy me again, and you'll regret it," he warned with a dark voice. "You're coming home with me, son, and this is not a request."

He flicked his hand to the girls again, their ropes unraveling completely and falling to the ground. Katelyn held on to Nicole, who screamed in alarm before she didn't drop, since Katelyn was holding the middle bar of the chandelier. She swung them to the landing and they landed safely, standing upright again. Nicole called the police for help as Katelyn sprinted down the stairs, grabbing Travis's dropped sword and tossing it to him.

Travis caught his sword and swung at the demon holding him, slicing his arm, exposing pitch black blood. He was dropped to the ground, catching his breath before he ran to Katelyn, grabbing her hand and whisking her out of the way as his father's sword was swung at them, barely missing them by an inch. He held onto her tightly as he ran up the walls, carrying her tightly so she wouldn't fall as he sprinted across the walls, jumping to the ceiling to avoid the sword thrown at them. He ran down the walls again, near Nicole, and set her down gently as he ran back down to his father, doing everything in his power to keep his friends safe. 

By now, everyone in school had gotten news about this, and Dante had been informed nearly first. He ran down the stairs until he saw the girls, and he ran to them, checking up on them to make sure they were okay. Surprisingly, he wasn't alarmed at Travis's situation because he had seen it before, he explained to the girls as he lead them upstairs.

Nicole had just begun to calm herself down when Travis was thrown through the second floor, right near where they were standing. Her heart rate quickly accelerated again as she screamed again, clutching Katelyn and Dante's arms tightly. Dante held her close as Katelyn broke away, running to Travis to see if he was okay.

She kneeled next to him, tucking her hair out of the way as she quickly scanned his body for any injuries. Shockingly to her, there was none visible. She helped him up once she made sure he was okay, taking him back to Nicole and Dante.

Nicole was gripping onto Dante's shirt, afraid and anxious. "Travis, we have to get you out of here!" she exclaimed nervously, looking around for a way out. They all heard the doors of the lobby thrown open, many men yelling following afterwards. The yelling didn't last long, though, as the lobby went silent again. 

The group peeked downstairs and saw scattered bodies, bloody and with fearful expressions frozen on their stiff faces. The sword in the wall was gone, as was the demon. 

Travis sighed anxiously, running his hands through his hair as he paced, thinking hard. "He could be anywhere, doing anything by now..." he predicted, his voice full of anxiety and fear, along with loads of worry. Nicole looked up at him with a look that said "explain". He let out another sigh and leaned against the wall with his hands in his pockets.

"My dad is the demon warlord... he controls the realm, with some help from Dante's dad. He comes into our world sometimes, to try and get me in there with him... he really wants to kill me, and I know it, because he's tried... but I'm not going to let him hurt you guys without a fight, okay?" he reassured them after explaining quickly, locking eyes with each of them as they nodded in understanding. 

"Well, I'm a good fighter... I could help you!" Katelyn offered kindly, stepping forward slightly as she looked up at him confidently. Travis chuckled and shook his head no.

"No, he would beat you in a second... see what happened here?" he reminded them as he pointed to the bodies of the police men. Katelyn sighed and nodded, leaning against the opposite wall as him.

"Why don't we just leave this place?" Nicole suggested, playing with the ends of her hair as she thought.

Travis shook his head at her suggestion too. "That won't work, he can find us anywhere..." he explained, looking down and running his fingers through his messy hair again.

"I'll get my dad to help, you know he can," Dante replied as he pulled out his phone, typing something quickly, and then storing it away after reading another. "He's on his way now, which means he'll be here in-"

A similar glitching sound as Dante's form's was heard as a tall man appeared at the bottom of the staircase. His eyes were the same shade of blue as Dante's form's, also glowing, with the same color hair as well. His height and muscular build made it clear he was his father. 

"Hey dad, thanks for the help... he's loose..." Dante tells his dad, stepping forward with a serious expression.

"Don't worry kids," his father reassured them, looking at each of them. "We'll get him."

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