Death is a Bunch of Flowers

College is strange enough. It's a new atmosphere for new attendees, but this college is even stranger. The main characters find themselves stuck in a murder mystery type of dilemma, with the only way to leave the scene destroyed. Their classmates are dropping dead, with an unknown reason, or killer, but one thing is for sure: the killer is not completely human.


6. Lockdown

The morning after their encounter with the demon who had previously visited them, Katelyn and Nicole were wondering if they had been dreaming. Everything seemed just about the same all through the morning, until they attempted to leave the dorm for their classes.

Nicole, ready for school, tried to open the door, but the doorknob was stuck. She rattled it and hit it with her fist, but it wouldn't budge. Sighing, she stepped back and sat on the jade colored couch. Katelyn poked her head through her bedroom, having just finished changing.

"What happened?" she asked the redhead girl, who looked up at her with a look of bewilderment.

"I can't open the door..." she sighed. Katelyn shook her head and walked to the door herself, trying to open the door again. She got the same results, the door was stuck. 

"Huh," she remarked as she stepped back, brushing her light blue bangs out of her face. "Weird."

Nicole nodded, standing up as she set her school things on the couch next to where she sat. "What should we do?" she asked her. 

Katelyn shrugged, turning back to face her. "I don't think we can do anything," she told her seriously. "We're locked in."

The girls went about their boring day in their dorm, watching TV and going on their phones, having next to nothing to entertain them. That is, until around noon.

The sound of something heavy falling onto the ground was heard from Nicole's room. Nicole, suspicious, stood up and walked into her room, pushing the door open slowly. 

She saw Travis, facefirst, on the ground. His tan skin had many more cuts and bruises over him, and he appeared to be knocked out. Nicole rushed in after seeing his state and kneeled next to him, taking any bandages she could find in her room and helping stop the bleeding. Once she did what she could, the small girl struggled to pull him onto her bed to rest. She pulled the blankets over him and took his temperature with her hand on his forehead. He had no fever, and she could tell he was still breathing, as his chest rose and lowered with every inhale and exhale. 

Nicole stood up from her bed just as Katelyn appeared in the doorway, raising her eyebrow.

"What happened?" she asked curiously. Nicole pointed at Travis and came over to her slowly. 

"He appeared out of nowhere, all cut up and bruised, so I did what I could..." Nicole whispers to her, as to not wake him. She was indirectly asking for help, since Katelyn had a previous career as a nurse.

Katelyn nodded down at her, knowing what she wanted, and approached the bed slowly. She placed an ice pack Nicole got her from the freezer on his forehead after wrapping it in a hand towel, then placing two fingers on his inner wrist to check his pulse. It was normal, thankfully, and she used disinfectant liquid with a cotton ball to clean the rest of his cuts, hoping he doesn't wake up. He remains asleep, and she stands back up, leaving the room with Nicole and shutting the door silently behind them.

"What should we do now? He's probably being hunted, and that's probably why he's here," Nicole told her friend, sitting back on the couch with her. 

Katelyn shrugs, unsure of what to do. "I dunno... just try and hide him?" she suggested logically, blowing her bangs that have fallen in front of her face out of the way. Nicole shrugged in response,  figuring it was the only thing they could do.

The girls continued their day until they heard a door open, turning their heads from the couch to see Travis, now awake, standing in the doorway of Nicole's room. Nicole smiled at him, rising from the couch to greet him.

"Morning, sleepyhead!" she joked, trying to make light of the situation. Travis chuckled and leaned against the doorframe, clearly still tired, but not enough to sleep again. His hair was messier than when they had last seen it, and he seemed better off than he looked.

"Morning, ladies... sorry for intruding... I just needed a place to hide for a while..." he explained shortly, rubbing his head as he ran his fingers through his hair. The girls nodded, understanding, and made their way closer to him, near the kitchen counters. Katelyn sat on top of the counter, whereas Nicole simply leaned against it.

"It's alright, we figured that much," Katelyn replied, slightly kicking her feet in the air. Her foot had healed more since last night, enough where she could walk on it fine.

Travis nodded, connecting the dots, until he remembered something. He paused and glanced around the floor as he thought. Nicole tilted her head at that, wondering what was happening.

"What's wrong?" she asked, being left with her question when Travis disappeared into thin air. He returned no longer than a minute later, with someone else.

"This is Dante, and he also needs help," he introduced his friend as the boys look up at the two girls. Dante had ocean blue hair that matched his childlike eyes, a few less inches in height compared to Travis, but they were equally muscular. He had a few bruises visible as well, along with some cuts. He smiled at the girls, his smile large and bright, and waved to them politely. 

"Hey..." he greeted them, slipping his hands into his pockets. The girls waved back, smiling back a bit to be polite.

"Hey, I'm Nicole, and this is Katelyn!" Nicole introduced them as she points to herself and Katelyn respectively.

"He's like me, and we both need help, if you don't mind," Travis asked of the girls, his eyes hiding a certain pain the girls couldn't feel themselves. Nicole nodded instantly, pulling Katelyn down from the counter.

"No problem at all! Katelyn, you go take care of Dante, I'll make them some lunch," Nicole instructed as she ran to the fridge. Katelyn nodded and grabbed Dante's arm where it wasn't bruised or cut, and lead him to the bathroom. She sat him on the toilet with the closed lid and pulled out a medical kit, rummaging through it until she found disinfectant liquid and more cotton balls. She dipped the cotton balls in the liquid and cleaned his cuts, placing bandages on them afterwards. Dante gritted his teeth to ignore the pain of the stinging of the liquid.

Meanwhile, Nicole was searching the fridge, pulling out ingredients for homemade pizza. Once she had everything, she rolled out the dough and smeared it with tomato sauce as Travis watched, soon leaving and wandering in Katelyn's room to stay out of the way. Nicole sprinkled cheese over the sauce and shoved the pan into the preheated oven, setting the timer for twenty minutes. 

Travis roamed Katelyn's room, picking up and observing the framed picture of her mother, father, and younger brother from years back. He set it back down on the nightstand, running his fingers over the smooth side of her katana, which was placed on the wall, on a shelf. He glanced over and saw small trophies and medals for winning wrestling, karate, taekwondo, kung-fu, boxing, fencing, sword fighting, archery, and shooting competitions, all medals and trophies gold. His eyes widened, slightly afraid, but deciding not to get on her bad side. He left her room, deciding he had gone through enough, just in time to see Nicole pulling the pan of pizza out of the oven.

Katelyn and Dante left the bathroom a few moments after, Dante looking better than when he had came. Nicole had just started cutting the pizza when they were all startled by a banging sound outside their door. Nicole shrieked and dropped the pizza cutter, running to Katelyn, who held her close. Dante put a hand on the fearful girl's shoulder, reassuring her that everything would be alright, as they heard another loud bang. Travis backed them up against the wall, standing in front of them to defend them. They heard one last bang before the door to their dorm flew open, nearly off its hinges. They saw large, muscular men, with large tranquilizer guns and heavy armor, running into the room, surrounding the four. 

Travis growled from deep in his throat and bared his teeth, which had turned sharp again. He held his arms in front of his friends behind him. Dante stepped beside him with his eyes glowing a faint blue, his skin beginning to appear to glitch, much like computer glitches. Katelyn held Nicole closer, who was hiding her face in her friend's shoulder, gripping her like her life depended on it. 

The many men with guns aimed their weapons at the two boys, not fazed in the slightest. A faint, green light came from inside the guns, preparing to fire. Dante disappeared from next to the small group and reappeared less than a millisecond later behind the men, grabbing hold of two of them and disappearing again. When he reappeared, he was next to the men, with the two he grabbed nowhere in sight. Dante grabbed two more, doing the same thing over, and over, until there was no armed men left in the room.

Nicole, looking up from Katelyn's shoulder, had her eyes wide with fear and shock, unsure of what she was seeing was real. She broke from Katelyn's arms and, full of worry and concern, ran to Dante. His eyes faded back to his normal shade of blue as he looked down at her, a bit surprised to see her running for him. Nicole grabbed him by the shoulders and looked up at him with her gray eyes still wide.

"Dante! Are you okay?!" she asked frantically, quickly glancing over his body to see if she could see anything that was not normal. Dante nodded, lifting her head so she would look at him.

"Yes, I'm fine, I'm just an energy demon... that's what I can do," he explains briefly, calming the girl's rattled nerves. Nicole sighed and nodded, stepping back and looking down as she thought.

"Yeah, that makes sense... okay..." she muttered to herself, completely sure she was dreaming now. Dante stepped towards her and lifted her head with his index finger and thumb on her chin, looking her in the eye.

"Don't worry, okay? I'm not going to let anybody hurt anyone," he tells her calmly, but seriously, resulting in Nicole's cheeks to fade a light pink. She nods and goes back to Katelyn, hiding her face in her friend's shoulder again. Katelyn held her and chuckled, knowing she was slightly flustered from Dante's actions and tone. Travis eyed the girls and Dante strangely, unsure of what happened. Dante shrugged in response, grinning slightly. 

"So, why are you two being hunted, anyway?" Katelyn asked them, looking up at both of them as she rubbed Nicole's back. Travis looked down at her before responding.

"Oh, well... our demon forms are getting stronger, and it's getting harder to control them... so everyone is thinking we would do crazy things in them... and they're probably right, since our forms can do more than we know, potentially able to kill someone," he explains to her, unsure of how to deliver the information in a way that won't worry them. "Don't worry though! We won't kill anybody! I doubt our forms would do that!"

Katelyn nods, understanding, but still comprehending everything she was told. "Okay... well, if you ever need help, either of you, you guys can always come here, okay?" she tells them calmly, looking them both in the eye. The boys nod, understanding, sharing glances between the two, knowing they're thinking similar things, and knowing they each planned on keeping those things secret.

"Yep, thank you ladies!" they thanked the girls gratefully, smiling down at them. Nicole lifted her face from Katelyn's shoulder and smiled a bit back, as did Katelyn. 

"No problem."

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