Death is a Bunch of Flowers

College is strange enough. It's a new atmosphere for new attendees, but this college is even stranger. The main characters find themselves stuck in a murder mystery type of dilemma, with the only way to leave the scene destroyed. Their classmates are dropping dead, with an unknown reason, or killer, but one thing is for sure: the killer is not completely human.


4. Lights Flicker Out, Fear Settles In

During Monsters and Creatures, all Nicole and Katelyn could think about was the demon they saw earlier. They hardly caught the homework they were assigned for the night, as as the bell rang, they packed up their things as if they were in a trance, slowly and sloppily. Nicole walked to the professor's desk and set the drawing Katelyn had made in the morning on his desk. The man looked up at her from his laptop, not pleased to have been interrupted. He looked down at the drawing as Katelyn wandered behind Nicole, observing the drawing.

"What's this?" he asked the girls in his deep voice, looking up at them again. Nicole opened the page in their textbook they had marked, showing him the demon in the drawing.

"We saw this in our dorm room, sir..." she informs him grimly, dead serious. Katelyn nodded in affirmation, looking up at the large man. The professor rose from his desk and wrote something on a post-it, then handed it to Nicole after folding it tightly. 

"Take this to the office," he directed, shooing them out the door. Nicole was confused, but left the room with her things and the note. Katelyn followed her, equally as confused, and they made their way to the office together.

As soon as the girls stepped foot inside the bland office, the secretary looked down at them from over her computer. She peered down at them over the rim of her glasses, silently asking why they were here.

Nicole handed her the note, just as confused as she was when she was given it. The lady read the note and her eyes went wide. She nodded down at the girls, picking up the phone and calling somebody. When whoever she called answered, the lady said one thing in a dead tone:

"Control units."

Katelyn raised her eyebrow at the lady, grabbing Nicole's arm and leading her out of the office. Once the door shut, she looked at Nicole with a suspicious look. 

"What was that all about, do you think?" she asked, trying to get the smell of stale smoke out of her nose, from the office. Nicole shook her head and zipped up her backpack as she walked, slinging it back over her shoulders.

"No clue, but it sounded weird... I'm sure it'll be fine..." she thought out loud, almost trying to convince herself so. 

The girls walked together to their class, their minds full of questions they wanted answers to, but they didn't know where to get them, or how. Even as they sat in Witchcraft class, they couldn't stop thinking of it. They had no idea when they would get their questions answered, until the end of the period approached.

A few minutes before the bell, there was a loud slamming sound from the hallway, followed by the flickering of lights. The lights snapped out completely before returning, sending fear crawling up everyone's spines. The class stood simultaneously, looking out of the door as soon as it was pushed open. Katelyn grabbed Nicole and pushed them to the front, and what they saw was no picnic. 

A few men, dressed in armor similar to a SWAT member, was tackling the same demon the girls had seen in their dorm room. Only, the demon wasn't completely a demon. His arms and legs were gray, along with half his face, but the other half and his neck was a tannish color. His eyes were both purple, and his teeth weren't sharp. He was a few inches shorter than the demon they saw, about six foot. His hair was white with black tips again, fading gray in the middle, but with no horns. He had no wings, but was cut up a bit and bruised from the other men. He was clearly trying to fight them off, and also trying to not become a demon fully. 

The crowd of kids watched, every one of them frozen. They had learned about demons, sure, but most of them hadn't seen one in real life, nevermind known that they could transform into humans, or the other way around. 

The men in armor tied up the half-demon with strong ropes and chains, carrying him down a staircase before they were out of sight. The bell rang in the air as the crowd of kids dispersed, walking to their next class. Katelyn and Nicole, however, followed the men in armor, easily tracking them by the yelling and grunts of the struggling half-demon. 

Nicole peeked around the corner of the stairs with Katelyn's head above hers, looking down the hallway. It was surprisingly dark, considering how well-lit the rest of the school was. It smelled of slight mildew, and there was an occasional puddle of water on the floor. The doors in this hallway looked beat up and scratched, by what, who knows. 

Nicole was a bit shaken from her determination to follow, but Katelyn sprinted after them silently, forcing Nicole to follow her. They could no longer see the men in armor, nor the demon, but they could hear him still, his yelling echoing in the hallway. 

Katelyn skidded to a halt at the corner of the hallway, finding the men in armor and the half-demon stopped as well. Katelyn grabbed Nicole so she wouldn't run around the corner and give them away, pulling them back against the wall to remain hidden in the darkness. The men were conversing casually as the demon, sitting against the wall, was trying to move and escape his bindings, but his attempts were fruitless. The men opened a large, heavy, steel door, tossing the demon into it. A few of the men entered the room with him, taking off his bindings as the door shut behind them. The other men in armor walked down the hallway further, still chatting. Katelyn and Nicole waited until they were out of sight, and they ran to the door and peeked through the thick, glass window. They saw, through the dark room, the half-demon being forced onto a chair. He was still struggling, now apparently not out of anger, but fear. The men in armor forced him to take a large pill, not letting him go until he swallowed it. Once he did, they released him, letting him fall onto the floor. The demon stood and his demon-like features faded away, his expression fading as well. The men sat next to the door, watching him, as he sat on the small, raggedy bed in the corner, visibly sighing. 

Nicole was shocked, a hand covering her agape mouth as her eyes were wide. She had never seen something like this, and she stepped back from the door. Katelyn stood back with her, very obviously disapproving what she saw, but unclear of how to fix it. She grabbed Nicole's arm and lead her out of the musty hallway, the girls as silent as their surroundings. Once they went back to the school, they went straight to their dorm, needing time to ponder on what they had witnessed.

The men in the room with the demon had fallen asleep as nighttime neared, but the demon was wide awake. He had been shackled in handcuffs as he had tried to escape, but now he was filled with rage, such strong a force that the lights in his cell were flickering rapidly, much like a candle being blown by a small breeze. His eyes faded a glowing purple as he broke the shackles, kicking the door open and disappearing into the darkness before the men in armor could even stand to catch him.

If the one room, built especially for this one demon, couldn't contain him, nothing they knew could.

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