Death is a Bunch of Flowers

College is strange enough. It's a new atmosphere for new attendees, but this college is even stranger. The main characters find themselves stuck in a murder mystery type of dilemma, with the only way to leave the scene destroyed. Their classmates are dropping dead, with an unknown reason, or killer, but one thing is for sure: the killer is not completely human.


2. Demons Among

The next day, Nicole and Katelyn's 9:00 AM alarm rang. The girls slipped out of their bedsheets and changed out of yesterday's clothes and into a new set of the school uniform. They had spent most of the night unpacking, so they fell asleep without proper preparation. Today was the first day of classes, as the girls arrived later than most. They scrambled to get ready, brushing their teeth, doing their makeup, eating a quick breakfast of an apple each before they grabbed their backpacks and ran out the door, thumping down the large flight of stairs as they reached the main building. 

The large doors were open, with students walking in as the first bell rang. Katelyn and Nicole ran inside and found their seats, setting their bags next to them in their classroom. 

"What class is this?" Katelyn asked Nicole, who was seated to her right. Nicole set her notebook down neatly in front of her, open to the first page.

"Monsters," the redheaded girl replied simply as she zipped her backpack shut. Katelyn opened her bag and took out a binder with notebooks and folders in it, each organized by class, and the notebooks and folders are color-coordinated. The girls are taken from focusing on their supplied by the sound of the classroom door shutting loudly.

A large man was standing at the front of the room, with an intimidating stare. His piercing eyes were deep green in color, and they were the youngest feature of him. His hair was white and his age looked older, but his build was strong. He wore a formal black suit with a black tie to match. He scanned his class with a stone look, and the chatter around the room quickly vanished. 

"Good morning class, I am your professor. You will address me by "Sir" and nothing else. Understand?" he spoke to the class with a deep and threatening tone. The class nodded in unison, slightly uneasy. His stare felt like breath on the neck, intense.

"Good. Now, onto today's lesson," the man began again, turning to the white board behind him and uncapping a marker. He wrote in a language nobody could understand, a series of characters put together with the translation, in English, underneath. It read "MONSTERS, DEMONS, AND CREATURES".

Katelyn glanced at Nicole out of the corner of her eye, her eyes reading confusion. Nicole glanced back, just as confused, and they looked forward again to face the board. 

"Does anyone here know of any types of monsters?" the professor asked the class, turning back to them with his hands on his desk. Eyes glanced around the room nervously, wanting someone else to answer the question. After a few seconds, the man sighed and turned on the projector, casting images of all types of demons and creatures with great details, and their names below the pictures.

"In my class, participation is required. Now, what do all of these creatures have in common?" he asks, pointing to a group of creatures in an orange circle. Nicole raised her hand after thinking for a bit, wary of the large, intimidating man.

"Yes, you there," he called out to her as he pointed at her. Nicole lowered her hand and gulped before answering.

"Um... they're all fire-related?" she guessed logically, as the group he pointed at had each member belonging to it having some element of fire visible.

"Correct. Knowing this, you can assume that each group is element related. The blue is water, gray is air, green is earth, etcetera," he continued as he turned back to the board.

Nicole sighed softly with relief, happy she guessed correctly. Katelyn gave her a thumbs-up from the side to reassure her more. They both turned their heads to face a source of soft giggling and snickering, coming from the back corner of the room about a few rows behind them and to the left, near the room's large windows. There was a group of kids looking at one's desk, and the owner of the desk was drawing something on a piece of paper.

The professor caught onto the giggling in an instant. He turned around with his stare directed to the group, his face stone serious. The giggling soon ceased after they realized they were seen, but that didn't stop the professor. 

He marched right over to them with his hands behind his back, looking down at the boy in the center. He and his friends were dead silent, their nervous energy easily sensed.

"Do tell me, what about my lesson on how demons collect their power is funny?" the professor asked intimidatingly, his glare able to pull the truth out of anyone. The boy in the center gulped before responding.

"Uh... nothing... Sir..." he informed him as he looked down, ashamed. He was covering the paper with his sleeve, but the professor swiped it away and looked at it disapprovingly. The boy looked up at him with fear in his eyes, attempting to look brave, but failing. He thought he would die, right here and now.

The professor, surprisingly, turned and marched back to his desk, shoving the paper into his desk drawer. He turned back to the board and continued his lesson on why certain demons get certain powers, but Katelyn and Nicole were focusing on the group of students in the corner and why the professor didn't get angry at the boy with the paper. 

Before any of them could know, the bell rang, signaling the class was over. The students stood from their desks and collected their things, shoving them into their backpacks and slinging them over their shoulders as they walked out. The professor held the heavy door open for them, watching each and every one of them leave. Nicole looked down to avoid eye contact out of fear, as she was easily afraid of many things, and didn't wish to make the professor mad at any cost. Katelyn, however, looked up at him and nodded as she left, showing her respect for him. She may be a rebel, but she knew when to give respect to someone.

The girls walked down the hall and to their next class, which was Witchcraft. Not to be confused with Magic, as only Nicole had signed up for Magic. Katelyn had chosen to take a course on Forms and Combat, of course.

The girls had just set their things down at their desks in the Witchcraft classroom as they heard a sharp scream, coming from the hallway. They ran outside the room to see what happened, as did the rest of the students. They saw a girl on the ground, her eyes wide with fear and her chest heaving as she breathed heavily and quickly, but other than that, she was frozen. Nobody was sure if it was with fear or by paralyzation, as she did not move in the slightest. The Witchcraft professor ran out to her through the ring the students had formed around the poor thing, helping her stand. The girl could barely move even then, holding onto the professor tightly to remain upright. 

"What happened?" the professor asked her calmly as she walked her down to the nurse's ward. As they walked, all Katelyn and Nicole could make out was the girl's shaky whisper, saying, "".

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