Death is a Bunch of Flowers

College is strange enough. It's a new atmosphere for new attendees, but this college is even stranger. The main characters find themselves stuck in a murder mystery type of dilemma, with the only way to leave the scene destroyed. Their classmates are dropping dead, with an unknown reason, or killer, but one thing is for sure: the killer is not completely human.


10. Danger Zone

As the days went on, Travis's father demolished more of the area surrounding the college, until nobody could get in or out without having a sword pierce through their skin. They were all trapped, and if the plan didn't work, nobody would survive this ruthless creature's wrath and revenge.

Travis and Dante were nonstop watching the stars, while Katelyn told them which star was what, and it's exact location in the sky in reference to the moon. Dante's father had left to inform the demon world about the situation, and to keep things stable there. As they had their stargazing sessions, Nicole was practicing magic in her classes, their dorms, everywhere she could get some time to train. 

Exactly two weeks later from forming the plan, it was the day the moon would align properly. They were anxious as the boys showed the girls the exact position the moon had to be in, only a few hours before. They had only discussed their plans in private, with barely any whispering needed, so they were sure there was no way Travis's father had heard anything about it.

That is, until about twenty minutes before the moon was in place. It was around ten o'clock at night when Travis's father appeared out of the shadows, next to the group. He made no sounds, and yet, Travis noticed his presence.

"Don't turn around," he warned them in a hushed, but alert voice. Katelyn and Nicole stiffened, their shoulders tense, as they looked down at the ground, obeying. Dante didn't flinch, knowing why he commanded them.

"Well, you children are up late, aren't you?" Travis's father hissed at them, grinning cunningly down at them. "Don't you know children are supposed to listen to their elders?"

"We know why you're here, and we're going to stop you!" Travis announced bravely, looking out at the horizon. Nicole, trembling in fear, grabbed Dante and Katelyn's hands, gripping them tightly. Dante glanced down at her and squeezed her hand, letting her know it was alright. Katelyn did the same as him, holding her hand tightly. Travis saw this happening out of the corner of his eye, and slipped his hand into Katelyn's.

"Oh, will you? Would you get rid of me after I start going after your friends as my next victims?" the deep, dark, hissing voice growled as the demon grabbed Nicole by the back of her shirt, lifting her into the air. His cold hands wrapped around her neck, gripping her tightly. 

Nicole shrieked in terror and gasped for air, grabbing his wrist in attempt to drag his hand off her neck. Dante whipped around and tackled him instantly, knocking him down. 

"Don't touch her!" he yelled protectively as he slams him on the ground, getting off him. Travis's father smirked evilly before standing, a cunning grin crossing his face. He whipped out his sword and sliced Dante's cheek, slowly pressing the ruby blade into his skin.

"Don't cross me, boy, or you and your little girlfriend will suffer the same fate," he warned in a dark voice, purple flames flickering in his eyes. Dante nodded and stepped back, grabbing Nicole's hand tightly.

Travis, already in his demon form, pointed his sword to his father's face. His eyes were burning a brilliant violet shade, anger simmering inside. "Don't threaten my friends."

His father grinned more evilly as he stepped forward, knocking his son's sword out of his hands with his own, sending his skidding across the rooftop.

"I will do as I wish, especially with you, my boy."

Travis glared at him harder, flicking his finger towards his sword. The sword lifted from the rooftop and returned to his hand in the blink of an eye. 

"You two! Focus up! One minute left!" Katelyn called to them from her position, not scared in the slightest of Travis's father. Her gaze was focused at the stars, watching alertly. 

Travis turned and ran to her, grabbing Nicole and Dante as he sprinted, and pulled them with him. His stare moved from the sky to his father, and repeated. "Just tell me when," he instructed her, and Katelyn nodded.

Travis's father vanished in the darkness, reappearing next to his son. "Oh, you won't be getting rid of me," he smirked, grabbing him by the neck and lifting him into the air. Travis attempted to loosen his grip, but he dropped his sword as he was lifted. Dante glitched to them and grabbed Travis from the air, taking him away from his father's grasp.

"And... now!" Katelyn shouted to them, whipping around to face them. Nicole pulled the boys over to them, pointing at the sky, and the moon. As Dante and Travis used their magic to open the portal, Kately jumped down from the electricity box to keep Travis's father at bay, so he couldn't reach the boys as they were using their magic.

Travis's father grinned down at her, chuckling at the girl. Katelyn's glare hardened at him as she pulled out her twin katanas, not afraid of him in the slightest.

"What could you possibly do to stop me, little girl?" he growled down at her, smirking. Katelyn aimed her swords in his face, never flinching.

"Oh no, you did NOT just call me a little girl... I know you didn't," she warns him, her blood boiling with a fight. Nicole, helping her out, hollered back at her, "Oh yes he did!"

That's all it took. Katelyn tackled him and kicked his sword out of his hand, holding hers to his throat. He grabbed her wrists and attempted to throw her off, but instead, she took him with her, slamming him back down onto the ground.

As she was fighting the most powerful demon in existence, Travis and Dante conjured the magic from their bodies and opened the glowing white portal. It was similar to a black hole, but it was illuminating a blinding light, with a similar gravitational pull. 

"Get him in!" Travis yelled to them all, taking Dante with him as he ran to his father, yanking him up. Katelyn and Dante assisted him, tossing him into the portal. 

"You won't be rid of me," his father warned as he stood from inside the portal, surrounded by nothing. Travis stepped to it and faced him, his hair gently blowing from the wind entering and leaving the portal. 

"I'll do my best to keep you away, then," he replied coldly, shutting the portal with one wave of his hand. 

And just like that, the night was silent.

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