Death is a Bunch of Flowers

College is strange enough. It's a new atmosphere for new attendees, but this college is even stranger. The main characters find themselves stuck in a murder mystery type of dilemma, with the only way to leave the scene destroyed. Their classmates are dropping dead, with an unknown reason, or killer, but one thing is for sure: the killer is not completely human.


1. Classes Unlike Others

The whistle of the train rang through the air as the compartment sputtered to a stop, settling after a few seconds of slowing down the iron tracks below. The rush of passengers stood, many grabbing their bags as they exited the train. Among those passengers was Katelyn and Nicole. 

The two girls rose from the worn, fabric seats, taking hold of their suitcases and backpacks. They make their way off the train, stepping around people to get through the crowd. Nicole held onto Katelyn's sleeve, her bright ruby bangs falling in front of her eyes, making it harder for her to navigate the crowd. Katelyn's sky blue hair was pulled back in a ponytail, her side bangs tucked behind her ear. She lead Nicole to the outside of the station, weaving them in and out of groups of people. 

The bright, warm, late August sunshine hit their faces as the girls made their way down the sidewalk. Cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles sped down the road past them, causing rushing winds to blow their hair and school uniforms, which was a white shirt and navy blue above-knee length skirt. The school logo, a phoenix, was on the right side of their shirts, about as big as a posti-it note, and it was right above their chests.

Nicole reached down and held her skirt down as the wind rushed around her legs, preventing her skirt from lifting up. Katelyn held her bag lower to try and keep her own skirt down more, slightly annoyed. 

Nicole had the type of personality that made anyone want to be her friend the second she said "hello". Kind and sweet naturally, her voice was higher pitched than average, making her sound as young as she looked, even though she was eighteen. Her height was just around five foot one, and she usually tried to compensate for her natural shortness by wearing small heels, but today, she wore simple black flats.. Her large, gray eyes sparkled when they caught the sun, and they easily expressing every emotion she contained. Her skin was pale and soft, and she bruised easily, so she preferred to keep her arms covered. She usually wore simple makeup, containing only eyeshadow, mascara, and red lip gloss. Her straight, ruby-colored hair was rarely up, and her bangs fell just under halfway in front of her eyes.

Katelyn, however, was a completely different story. Her icy blue eyes rarely expressed any other emotion than annoyance. Her personality was stubborn, persistent, very tough, and confident. She was independent, rarely relying on anyone for anything. Her height was around five foot five, and her confidence and independence left her looking taller. Her sky blue hair was normally down, occasionally in a ponytail, as it was currently, or braided. She wore more complex makeup compared to Nicole, with foundation to cover her freckles and beauty marks, eyeshadow, sharp winged eyeliner, mascara, faint pink lipstick, and filled eyebrows. She looked feminine, but she was a tomboy at heart. She was tough and strong, taking care of anyone who hurt those she loved. She could pack a punch, and was trained in several types of combat, including karate, taekwondo, kung-fu, fencing, archery, sword fighting, wrestling, boxing, and self-defense. She kept herself busy through her childhood with fighting, and continued it for most of her nineteen-year life.

The polar-opposite best friends continued to walk through the city, the summer sun causing them to sweat. They reached their college after less than a fifteen minute walk, but it felt like longer because of the heat. They were directed inside by a staff member, who told them their dorm room after checking their names off the list.

Katelyn marched right inside, heading to the stairs with Nicole behind her, who was looking around in wonder. Katelyn took Nicole's bag and took it upstairs as she went ahead, Nicole falling behind as she got lost in the crowd of people also making their way up. Katelyn waited for her friend at their floor, leading her to their room.

"205... 207... 209... 211!" Nicole exclaimed as she pointed at the room sign, unlocking the door with her key. She swung the door into the dark dorm, able to make out the shapes of a couch and other doors inside, with the windows covered by curtains. She stepped inside with Katelyn behind her, fumbling for the lightswitch before she snapped the lights on. 

The room had beige walls and maroon carpeting, the kitchen portion having white tile. There was three doors on the right side, and on the left was a couch facing inward, a small TV in front of it, and a window covered by fern colored curtains. The room was decently sized, larger than most college dorm rooms. 

Nicole took her suitcase back and opened the three doors on the right, revealing the bathroom and two bedrooms, one of them berry red and the other sapphire blue. Nicole entered the red room without hesitation, setting her suitcase and backpack down next to the bed with wine colored blankets. Katelyn entered the other room, dropping her suitcase and backpack next to the door, inspecting the room. 

The dorm was certainly better than they expected, and it was where they would be spending most of college. They were excited for the new surroundings, new people, new classes, and new experiences that college would bring.

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