The 8th Quarter Quell

The Capital has come back, bringing the Hunger Games with it.

Zack Johnson is only thirteen when he is selected to go into the Hunger Games 8th Quarter Quell. Zack has come from District 3 Technology unprepared for what will face him.


Author's note

I've loved the Hunger Games books and movies!

2. Me

"Della do you think you'll get picked?" I ask my older sister. "Zack for the millionth time I know I'm 18, I know I put my name in there more, and I also know that my name IS in there 49 times now! Last year it was 87! Do you think I'll get picked with those odds?" Della says, It's true, last year for the 199th Hunger Games we were so poor as mom and dad had been injured in a fire they couldn't possibly work. So to care for my family Della put her name in the jar 87 times. She was lucky she didn't get picked, instead 17 year old Sally West was picked. She was even poorer than us. So she put her name in there 113 times! She died at the bloodbath. She was Della's best friend. But her family got so much food and water they survived well. My family is now really rich as of now my mom and dad had made a new invention prototype they plan to use soon. The Capital wants to use it in this year's Hunger Games. The 8th Quarter Quell. "I'm sorry Della, I just get worried about you." I say, "It's fine Zack really, I know a girl whose going in there 143 times this year so I think I'm safe." Della reply's, "Good." I say, I'd hate it if she was picked. I'd hate it if I was picked.

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