The FireFighter

When a fire accrues on the set of Shadow Hunters, Firefighter Hood is called too save someone who's trapped inside. That one person changes everything.


2. 1 ~ Meet Andreea Hood

Firemen were running as fast as they could towards the burning building.

"GRAB THE HOSE!" Firefighter Ross screamed over to Firefighter Hood. Quickly they grabbed the hose and ran to the window. Screaming was heard from the the top of the house. It was as loud as anyone has heard before.

"Sarg, there's a problem." O'Conner ran over to Sargent Smith who was pacing up and down not knowing what to do.

"What is it Firefighter O'Conner?"

"There are children upstairs whom are trapped!" Sargent Smith ran over to the ladder as fast as he could.

"HOOD! I'll take the ladder, you go up and save the children inside!" He grabbed the ladder as she nodded. "QUICK!" Firefighter Hood quickly climbed the ladder and fell into the room through the window. The room was full with thick smoke, chocking anyone who roamed through it. There were children screaming and crying in the room but the smoke was too thick to see.


"Hey, I'm here! There's nothing to be worried about. If you can grab my hand everything will be okay." After she said that, a window bursted further down the hall. Suddenly two hands emerged and tightly gripped onto Firefighter Hoods hands.

"I'm FireFighter Hood. Okay. Don't worry about anything. Is it just the two of you?" Hood saw two young boys peering at her.

"No! There's my sister in the other room! Ruby. She fell over and knocked her head. She's unconscious!" One of the boys explained what had happened. So Hood made the two boys go down the ladder making sure they got down safely. After, she ran through the house trying to find 'Ruby'.

"Where's Firefighter Hood?" Sargent Smith was questioning the boys with worry lurking on his face.

"She's gone to save Ruby!"

Finally through all the smoke, Ruby was found. Hood grabbed her and ran back to the window with the ladder.

"DARREL COME UP AND GRAB THIS GIRL QUICKLY!" Hood was unable to get out with a young girl in her arms. FireFighter Darrel came climbing up as quick as he could. He took the girl and slide back down. Followed by Hood.

As soon as they all got down, the building blew up.

It took hours to calm down, so much effort went into trying to stop the fire.


People were finally returning to the station. Worried FireFighters who didn't go were waiting impatiently for their arrival.

"Thank the lord. You're back okay."

They all walked in with bruises. Some worse than others. Hood and Darrel went straight to the aid to grab bandages, plasters etc.

"Are you okay Andreea? You've got blood pouring down your face. You got a fair few bruises!" Darrel was worried for her health but she didn't really care. She wanted to aid first.

"I'm okay" she ran back to the other firefighters and handed out aid. She always thought of others first. She didn't care that she was probably going to loose a lot of blood. She wanted her colleges to be okay.

"Hood! Can we talk real quick?" Sargent Smith lead Andreea Hood into the office and sat down. "I wanted to ask if you were okay?"

"If I was okay?" She wasn't half shocked. "Well yeah I'm fine thank you. Why ask?"

"Well I wanted to know because I wanted to promote you."

Andreea started to laugh.

"Oh that's funny because we just got out of a fire and now... this... oh you know how to make me laugh Sarg."

"But I'm not joking." Andreea saw Smiths face and stopped laughing.

"Oh... you're being serious!"

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