Tears Of A Wauldron: A New End

Hey everyone Leah speaking so I messed up the last story of this so I restarted with all the characters this time I will try to make it nicer when I get to Bash read the original tears of a wauldron before this please I hope you like it goodbye.


3. The secret

I suddenly see Al talking to thin air.


"Why is life so horrible I can't stand this"

"I am a burden to everyone"

"Maybe I should do it today I found this noose after all I could hang myself then all the pain will go no one will have to deal with me"

"School is starting lets go"


Allan leaves.


What Allans GONNA KILL HIMSELF? I have to stop him.


A teacher approaches me


"Hey get to class before your later"

"Um ok then"


I then go to class thinking about Al the whole time. 




I sat next to Sirou while Al is sitting in a corner eating a sandwich.


"Hey Bash" Sirou said.

"Oh hey"

"Sirou have you noticed Allan has been really down?"

"Yeah I do maybe you should talk to him i am not great with that kinda stuff"



I walk up to Al


"Hey Al"

"Oh hey Bash how are you"

"Im doing good" I said.

"Well thats great aslong as your happy I am happy"

"Bash I didn't want to say anything but I heard you this morning saying you were gonna hang yourself"
"Wha no I didn't I was um acting for drama class yeah she is really strict I thought I would practice before class"

"Ok first of all I can see right through you Al I know somethings wrong and Second of all were not doing any play in drama class involving suicide"

"Ugh well.."

"Bash you don't have to hide anything from me tell me whats wrong"

"Well the thing is"

"My depression has gotten really bad"

"I just stay in bed wishing to die"

"The only thing that makes me happy is seeing you happy"
"I feel so worthless but don't worry you and Sirou wont have to deal with me anymore"

"Bash we love hanging out with you you are our friend we would never want you to leave us"

"Stop lying you don't have to"

"I am not lying"

"But why? why would you wanna help me"

"I am a burden"

"Which is why I am hanging myself I deserve it for being a burden to you"



Allans eyes start to water.


"I am sorry Bash I don't want to leave thank you its just so hard"
"If theres anything I can do Al say it I'll get mad if you don't"

"O ok"

"Well Al its class again see you later"

"Yeah you too"


For the rest of the day was as boring as ever we walk home together where Sirou suprisingly watches tv with me.


"So Bash how is Allan?" Sirou asked.

"I don't know I think I should check on him sorry"

"Its fine hes going through alot he should get the help he deserves"



I go and check on Allan



"Allan no STOP"


I catch Allan attempting to hang himself with the noose he had this morning.


"Allan why"

"Cause I need to go I am weak and selfish"

"Allan stop your fine"

"But Bash"

"I have really strong feelings for you"

"I just its like when im around you it goes away"

"This makes me selfish you deserve someone better"

"So if I do this then you can find someone you deserve"


I take the noose from which he hung it from.


"Allan I truly care about you whatever it takes for you to stop hurting I will do it"

"But why should you waste effort caring about me"

"Because your our friend me Sirou and Elle love you"

"Bash I love you too"


Bash hugs me.


"Hang in there it will get better"

"Thank you Bash"

"No need for that you deserve to get help stop thanking me"

"Ok sorry"

"I mean.."

"Ha its fine Al"




Yes I did it him and Al lived happily ever after I am not coming into the game though.


From this day forward me and Allan were a couple and Sirou couldn't have been better about it soon Al got a therapist and his depression is not even there anymore I couldn't wish for a better ending.


@Make screen black



@ Delete character Allan.chr

@Allan.chr deleted succesfully.



This should get his way into his heart.













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