Tears Of A Wauldron: A New End

Hey everyone Leah speaking so I messed up the last story of this so I restarted with all the characters this time I will try to make it nicer when I get to Bash read the original tears of a wauldron before this please I hope you like it goodbye.


4. The group

A very long time ago I lived on a planet named Wauldronia, growing up I had a best friend named Sirou (See-Ur-O). She was the best we would hang out everyday and gossip play video games all things friends do. But one day a threat came to our planet almost every wauldron died but me and Sirou made it out alive we ended up coming across a planet called Earth. There we settled in we would look like regular humans and stay there it looked safe nothing could harm us. Then Sirou and I made friends with a girl named Elle, She was interesting. Oh, I forgot I was going on this entire time my name is Bashton but my friends call me Bash. for about 3 years now we lived on Earth and we never told a soul we were aliens and then we lived in peace for now.


"So Sirou hows the short story looking" I asked.

"Its good, but you probably shouldn't write about true events that could get us introuble"

"Its fine no one would believe that were aliens"

"Yeah true I just overthought it for a second"


We suddenly hear a growl


"Um Sirou what is that"


"Ha I totally got you guys" Elle said.


It was Elle pranking us with a shapeshift cloak we gave her.


"Elle we gave you that for safety purposes not to mess around" Sirou said.

"But I like to have fun" Elle pouted.

"Its fine Elle just if your gonna prank us don't use that what if someone saw"

"Ok ok Bash I am sorry"

"We forgive you right Sirou"

"Yes we do"

"Well I am tired I want to sleep" Sirou said.

"Sirou your always sleeping"

"I know tommoroww is friday I dont want to be tired"


Sirou runs into her bed.


"Well Elle I guess lets go to bed"

"Ok see you in the morning"


I go to sleep and in the morning we have classes like usual and before I know it the day is over.


"Hey Sirou"

"Oh hey"

"Wanna hang out with me and El" I asked.

"Sorry I can't I have to stay after with Mr. Mac to finish my history project"

'Oh thats a shame if you finish meet us at the cafe."



Sirou walks away.



I decide to meet Elle at the cafe



To be continued...

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