Tears Of A Wauldron: A New End

Hey everyone Leah speaking so I messed up the last story of this so I restarted with all the characters this time I will try to make it nicer when I get to Bash read the original tears of a wauldron before this please I hope you like it goodbye.


1. The group

A very long time ago I lived on a planet named Wauldronia, growing up I had a best friend named Sirou (See-Ur-O). She was the best we would hang out everyday and gossip play video games all things friends do. But one day a threat came to our planet almost every wauldron died but me and Sirou made it out alive we ended up coming across a planet called Earth. There we settled in we would look like regular humans and stay there it looked safe nothing could harm us. Then we saw a boy he looked lost we could see he was a wauldron his name was Allan he lost his parents when our planet got destroyed. We took him in and then us 3 became good friends. Oh I forgot I was going on this entire time my name is Bashton but my friends call me Bash. for about 3 years now we lived on Earth and we never told a soul we were aliens and then we lived in peace for now.


"So Sirou how was that "Fictional story" We will get an a" I said

"Its great Bash but what if people find out were not from here?" Sirou worried

"Its fine plus who would be stupid enough to believe that"

"Wait did you hear that" Sirou said


"Oh no bear"

"Ahaaha I totally got you guys" Allan said

"Not funny Allan" Sirou said with grief


Allan is always pranking us he is best at shapeshifting which is when you look like someone or something else hes the reason we all look like humans.


"So Bash how is our project" Allan asked

"Its finished now we deserve a big A"

"Thats good to hear" Allan said

"So anyway we all should get sleep' I said

"Agreed if Sirou doesn't get atleast 10 hours of sleep, its ugly for everyone." Allan said

"Hey im not that bad plus I can just brew a potion that will make it so im not tired"


Sirou is really good at making potions. She studys in witchcraft while allan studys in shapeshifting.


"But yeah lets go to bed" Sirou said"


In the morning


"Ok guys lets get ready for school" I said

"Ugh whatever" Sirou said"

"Don't be like that mrs. seeil will love our story"

"Yeah im just tired"

"Here I made pancakes for breakfast"

"Thank you"


After you, Sirou. and Allan eat pancakes you guys walk to school


"So another day here how great" Allan said

"Yeah schools the worst" Sirou said

"I agree but don't go around moping we will get through this year its senior year after all" I said

"Ok" They both said

"Oh here comes Elle"

"Hey guys hows it going" Elle said


Elle is one of those girls you aren't really close with but you still talk a lot in school anyway


"Oh Elle were doing great" I said

"Well its time to go to psychology I am gonna get an f" Elle said

"Hahaha don't say that" I said

"Well lets get going"


In class everyone goes up and surprise surprise we were last


"Ok its time for Bashton, Allan, and Sirou to come up" Mrs. Seeil said


We present our story


"Very good guys that must have took alot of work to do" 

"Yeah were very creative" I said

"Well thats it for this block go on to your next block class"



After a painful day of school we come home



"Ok im glad its friday" Sirou said

"Agreed now we can just relax for 3 days" I said

"Well goodnight guys" 

"Sirou its only 3 in the afternoon" Allan said

"Yeah I know im already an hour past my bedtime goodnight"


Sirou exits the room


"Well shes something huh" Allan said

"Maybe but she is our something"

"I kinda feel weird about the project we didn't think at all we just wrote a story about our life"

"Yeah benefits of being an alien allan"



Me and Allan decide to stay up watching horror movies we always do that on fridays while Sirou is passed out in her room.


"Ohh my god I think I peed from that jumpscare" Allan said

"Hahaha turns out me and Sirou aren't the only ones who get scared"

"Yeah Yeah"

"Well Bash I think im gonna go to bed"

"Yeah me too its like midnight"

"Well goodnight Bash"

"You too"


After that I go to sleep fast seeing what tomorrow holds for me



To be continued...


So everything is good so far I know how to get into the files so I shouldn't mess this up too much considering its gonna be a happy version lets see where this goes.

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