Tears Of A Wauldron: A New End

Hey everyone Leah speaking so I messed up the last story of this so I restarted with all the characters this time I will try to make it nicer when I get to Bash read the original tears of a wauldron before this please I hope you like it goodbye.


2. The best days

It is the morning a good ol Saturday can't wait to laze around all day. I decide to watch tv with Allan.


"So Allan you doing ok?" I asked.

"Yes I'm doing great," he said.

"You have been quiet Al I want whats best for you" 

"Well its just my depression is getting worse so that has got me down"

"Do you want a therapist or someone to talk to"
"No I can get through this alone."

"Ok well I will go in bed see you later"



I leave the room.


I get a text message.


"Who is that"


Sirou: Can you make me food I'm hungry?

Bashton: Ugh your so lazy Sirou but I will.


I go out and get a bag of chips for Sirou.


Sirou: Thank you hehe.


I swear to god she's going to be the death of me.

I take a nap for about an hour and have a really weird dream.


"Don't worry you and your friends will not be harmed this time"  A mysterious voice said.

"Who are you"

"I am a girl who you knew in another storyline I made a lot of mistakes but don't worry you won't have to go through that again"


"I have copied their files you can be with them this will be happy but they will be temporarly deleted but you will be able to spend time with each one of them"



I wake up


"What the hell who was that"

"Oh it's fine Bash it was just a dream," I said to myself


It was weird though the girl looked like a combination of Allan Sirou and Elle I wonder who she was.


During the weekend we basically did nothing but sleep in but now its school time wonderful!


I suddenly see Allan he has been acting weird lately it looks like hes doing something over by the tree I decide to go listen.

To be continued...






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