Tears Of A Wauldron: A New End

Hey everyone Leah speaking so I messed up the last story of this so I restarted with all the characters this time I will try to make it nicer when I get to Bash read the original tears of a wauldron before this please I hope you like it goodbye.


5. A Fun Time?

This is coming out good happy end with Allan happy end with Elle then happy end with Sirou then its just us I hope this is different for me.


"So hi Bash"

"Hi Elle"

"I am really glad you're here wheres Sirou?"

"She had to finish her project with Mr. Mac"


"Well that leaves just us hehe," Elle said.

"You know Bash I have really strong feelings for you"

"I love you so much"

"Thanks, El I love you too"

"What Elle thats a little"

"No Bash sorry I am just madly inlove with you"

"Thanks El just dont do anything crazy"

"I will try not too hehe," 



Oh dear Elle still has her obsessive personality aslong as she doesnt kill herself this should be fine though I hope Bash can stop her.


The waitor comes up to us. We order a large pepperoni bacon pizza for me, El and Sirou to share.


"Bash I am sorry if i come on too strong I just really love you"

"Its ok Elle we will get through this together"




About 20 minutes later our pizza arrives and Sirou rushes in.



I am a little concerned for Sirou these past couple days she has acted really obsessive towards me I really hope I can stop it.



To be continued...





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