Buzz Buzz

A poem I wrote to try and get some closure at the end of a relationship. It's not perfect, I haven't really edited it yet. I just wanted to get it out there. So, here you go.


2. 2.

Buzz buzz

I run over to grab my phone,

My heart leaping out of my chest

Its her.

My parents are out: “Just gone for a walk.”

Eagerly we step back onto the ride,

Like we have daily for months.


Then, suddenly out of the blue:

Buzz buzz

Do you think we are too young to love?

“Shit”, my voice echoes in the empty room,

I know what’s coming and I don’t feel the same way,

Not yet.


Conversations over, grief drags me down onto the floor

When my parents come back,

They find me, in a ball crying out:

“Why does she like me?”


Her profile picture turns white,

I’ve been blocked.

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