Buzz Buzz

A poem I wrote to try and get some closure at the end of a relationship. It's not perfect, I haven't really edited it yet. I just wanted to get it out there. So, here you go.


1. 1.

A slip of paper began it all

8 digits written clearly in black biro

Passed across the lunch table

“I’ve got a phone now.” She says

“Finally.” I reply

Familiar smiles exchanged


Later on,

After many moments of twisting of thumbs

The first text is sent:

Hey, is this your number?

Sent, delivered

Phone put in pocket to board arriving bus

Buzz buzz


Then the dot dot dot as the conversion commences

It’s a roller coaster ride

Full of colours, laughter and things you would never dream of saying out loud

When we are talking:

Time slips by, suddenly its 3 hours later

And you’re still having the time of your life.


Next day:

What’s the English homework?

Just an excuse to talk

Eventually, only a hey!

Is needed to step back onto the ride.


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