American Sweetheart

The summary if this novel is the 1st chapter because it's long..


1. Summary:

Savannah Kennedy isn't a typical, normal girl, in fact, she doesn't see the world in color only black and white. She is the daughter of one the most popular governor in the sunny state of California. Her father is running for the president of the United States of America in the year 2020, which is also the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. She is very talented in horse riding and even wants to follow in her parents with being involved in politics and equestrian. Since she was a young girl, she was training to become the best showgirl in the sport and learning everything about the government politics. She is only fourteen years old, and she is already one of the best horseback riders in the states, and she is the American sweetheart. She is the caption of the equestrian club at her boarding school, which also the most popular girl in school due to her dad being a famous governor and is a presidential candidate. Can she be first and youngest the first daughter who is also an Olympic gold medalist and still be the American sweetheart that everyone knows and loves.

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